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I have been switching from Fallout screens to Cyberpunk background images. I just found a Bioshock screen I adore.

I have a slideshow of wallpapers, comprising mostly of CDPR released official concept art/screenshots and bunch of art from the Spanish artist Deathburger (the one who did the CP2077 steelbook arts).

I have difficulty uploading my wallpapers here due to filesizes being too large..

This is one of my favorites, its art done for a japanese CP2077 related article/advertisement afaik.

Trying to add some others

(reduced in size,orig by Guweiz)
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Not really my desktop (I use KDE with dark theme), but I'll post this as a joke, guess what it is:

It's definitely a text-based browser, but I have no idea which one haha. Which one is that? I saw some of those on the AUR, and as much as I like cli-based apps, I prefer to use a graphical browser with an extension for VI-like navigation.
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Nice to see someone rocking i3 without gaps!

Haha yes, I prefer the efficiency of having more stuff on the screen :p
still i will play this masterpiece by any means so i'll buy it for console until i have the ability to buy a PC that runs CyberPunk 2077 :D
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