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Pre Homecoming: Wild Hunt; Murder at Midnight

Hey everyone, I try to do "fun", "viable" and thematic decks. To that end I came up with a personal voyage of Imlerith, aided by Ge'els to travel with his fleet of Drakkers, lead by hounds and navigators across blizzardy terran to find - and murder Iris Von Everec.

Use your "imagination" with the deck list as it all tells a mini story.

Cards: 25

Gold: 4

Imlerith: Sabbath
Royal Decree

Silver: 6

Iris's Companions
Iris Von Everec
The Last Wish

Bronze: 15

Wild Hunt Drakkar x3
Wild Hunt Hound x2
Wild Hunt Navigator x2
Biting Frost x2
Adrenaline Rush x2
Mardroeme x3
Dimeritium Shackles x1

Leader: Eredin Breacc Glas

Basically, the deck works as a "deck thin" engine to turbo out and support Imlerith.

Jusr a tip, do NOT use Mardroeme after using Pararite to boost Imlerith, however, using Mandrake is perfectly fine.

Mulligan scenarios:

2 Adrenaline Rush, you only need 1 in hand.

Biting Frost. PERIOD.

Navigators with no targets in deck to pull.

Shackles if you have Motvudd in hand.

Imlerith if you have Royal Decree in hand R of you have Renew and Ge'els im hand.

Basic tips:

If you have Renew and Ge'els in hand, summon Ge'els to have a 100% chance to summon Imlerith, with a 50% chance of deck thinning by 1 and giving Imlerith a +2.

Use Adrenaline Rush after your opponent passes, NEVER before and only use it on Imlerith, otherwise, it's mulligan fodder.

If Iris's Companions discards Imlerith (ouch!) make sure you have Renew or Ge'els with Renew in the deck to revive him!

Never summon Imlerith with no Adrenaline Rush or Renew/Ge'els wirh Renew in.the deck or Iris's Companions to set up any of the previous scenarios.

Mardroeme and Mandrake give Imlerith a permanent boost to his attack that persists after resets, heals, revivals, etc.
Parasite, Iris Von Everec, Royal Decree and Drakkars do not give permanent boosts.

If possible, save Morvudd to unlock Imlerith but you can use him to help Imlerith get over a tough target simce you have Dimeritium Shackles as backup.

If you win round 1, even if you're down 2 or 3 cards, as long as you have Imlerith on the field (preferrably with Mandrake or Mardroeme boosts if you're neg in card advantage) then push to win.

Remember that the cards which boost/unlock Imlerith can also be used on the opponent if needed.

Don't be afraid to needlessly use Biting Frost via Wild Hunt Hounds if you have Imerlith in play, it deck thins to increase your chances of drawing well next round, just don't deck thin after the opponent passes.

Good luck and enjoy this op deck while you still can!

P.S. Imlerith would be balanced if he was "doomed" and "immune".

Would keep him powerful but would stop 2 things.

1) being revived
2) Prevents him.from being targeted by carfs which toggle Resilience.

As a side effect Imlerith becomes immune to a lot of stuff, making him a bit harder to deal with for that round only.
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