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Ps4 crash with error : ce-34878

Before the Crimson Curse update, the game didnt crashed for me but now, it crashed 3 times in 24 hours. Anyone else is havin this issue ?
I have reinstalled the game and did the rebuild databade thing.
I think this crash is releated to the last update...
I dont have any other games right now installed because ive done a factory reset just to clear all errors off the console before crimson curse launch and now the game is crashin . Ive had crashes like this on other games as well ( but from time to time and i know they might occur at some point because we know all that the ps4 is not perfect ). I didnt played a lot since the update ( didnt had the time ) . I hope its related to the update...

It happened twice when the game was about to start and once when i l ve closed the deckbuilder .
Thanks for the reply. I ve send a ticket...
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