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I know this issue has been raised by a few people already, but since it doesn't seem to be getting enough traction I wanted to point it out again, with a video illustrating the problem clearly. I tried to contact CDPR through the official support website, but I can't find how to file a ticket for Playsation, Google always directs me to the PC contact form. Can anyone provide a link for Playstation ?

On PS5, for some people there is an issue causing the foliage to pop in and out of existence constantly, at close range. This happens on performance and RT modes. i'm playing on a fresh save, started with the next gen update.

Here is a link to my video :
Timestamps where the issue is particularly clear : 0:53, 1:31, 1:48, 2:07, 2:12, 2:44, 2:47.

This issue makes the game basically unplayable for me on PS5, since it is really immersion breaking, as can be seen in the video.

Since the next gen update released I was able to play 3 times for multiple hours without the issue. I have not managed to figure out why the issue is present most of the time but sometimes completely absent.

Things I've tried to resolve the issue but didn't work :

- Clear the PS5 cache.
- Rebuild the database.
- Re-install the game.
- Try different versions of the game (standard disc edition, standard digital edition, digital complete edition).
- Reset PS5 to factory settings.
- Re-install PS5 system software completely / Wipe out all data on the console.
- Mess with every ingame settings available on console.
- Try different saves. Try fast traveling to different regions.

None of it reliably works. Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll launch the game and won't have the issue but it's present about 90% of the time. It's worth nothing on the rare occasions where the issue is absent I'll experience some frame drops I don't usually experience when the issue is present, mostly when several NPCs are around.

The issue is not present on Xbox Series X.

I'm grateful for this next gen update which goes above and beyond in a lot of ways, but this bug is making it impossible to enjoy this fantastic game again on PS5. I really hope the team is able to look into this.

If you're reading this and also have the issue, please make yourself known so that it gets some attention, because it doesn't affect all PS5 players apparently, and it'd be a shame if this remained unnoticed by CDPR.
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I've had this problem with the game since it first came out on my PS5. It doesn't matter where you are on the map, it happens regardless. I've just tried it with the new patch (4.20) and it still happens. It gets really bad. While riding roach, whole area's (right in front of you) textures and foliage changes and pops into view. This doesn't happen at all on my XSX version of the game. I really want to do a play through on my PS5 (I love the controller), but the state of the game is horrible. How do I report this to the developers? When I click on the tech support link, it just goes to a troubleshooting site with no way to contact them.
How do I report this to the developers?
Report it to the support team ;)
There is no dedicated cayegory, but this one should be fine ("Contact Us" button).
Be sure that it still happen after clearing the cache (support will ask you to do it anyway).
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