[PS5 Game-breaking bug] - Lightning Breaks

Currently unable to complete Lightning Breaks, and hoping to see if anyone else went through something similar and has a solution.
After shooting down the drones with the turret, Panam drives through the doors to enter the terminal. Once V leaves Panam's car to overheat the terminals, there's a quick loading screen and now V is infinitely falling underneath the map. I'm unable to overheat the terminals, as every time I try leaving Panam's car, V falls under the map, and I'm unable to complete the mission.

I've tried the following:
  • reloading a prior save (auto and manual)
  • reloading a prior save and re-doing Ghost Town
  • reloading a prior save and fast traveling elsewhere and back prior to starting the mission
  • reloading a prior save and completing other jobs (Takemura's main line, gigs, other side jobs)
  • setting visual setting from performance to ray-tracing to lock at 30 fps (even before entering the vehicle)
  • hiding hints in settings
  • stripping V of all armour and weapons
  • clearing cache on PS5
  • reinstalling the game

Currently 100+ hrs in and hoping I don't have to restart :( Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
Quite annoying :(
Weird that you have a loading screen at this moment... I don't remember there is one here.
I imagine you fall through the map because the area (the ground) is not properly loaded. Sadly, there is not much that you can do on console, but I would do :
- Clear the cache.
- Load a save as close as possible of this moment.
- Wait a good while before get out the car.
(not sure it's possible, but if you have the double jump, jump as soon as you get out the car).

And in any case, if it's not already done, send a ticket to the support ("contact us" button).
Thanks, really appreciate the advice! Submitted a ticket for support, hoping for some positive news!

Unfortunately I'm unable to double jump as the bug happens instantly after getting out of the car. After doing a bit of digging, I came across another post back in 2020 in which someone had the same issue. It might have some thing to do with if you explored the terminal area prior to the mission. Way earlier in the game (I don't remember when), while exploring I was able to get into the terminal room by double jumping. Might be somehow related to the issue.

Guess I'll wait to hear back from support. Thanks again!
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