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Queen of Gwent?

The season of love is yet to come. I'm ahead of schedule posting this little game, but master Dandelion insisted.
So, who is the true Queen of Gwent? Cast your vote for each individual duel.


Each round begins at around 00:00 Central Europe Time and ends after 24 hours. The most voted card of each challenge moves to the next round.
I left two custom choice spaces in the bracket, so you can propose your own favourite card! Again the card that gets one more vote goes through to the next stage of the bracket.

First day we have scheduled...


Yennefer's Invocation

Keira Metz
Call of the Forest


(If leaders are allowed)
(If not)
If not for her, Geralt wouldn't have had his Medallion and would have been killed in the cave much before he could save Ciri again only because he had the medallion.

But doesn't matter who wins now.. final winner is Ves.. hands down..
Where is Mourntart?
That's why you have free choice wildcards! ;)

(If leaders are allowed)
Yes, leaders are allowed! And you also voted correctly up to 4 of the provided choices...
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Not enough partecipants to reach a statistically sound result.
Where is @idomyownstunts when you need him?

(Let's extend the deadline until tomorrow)
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I don't play favourites. I like them all equally. They're all faptablous. And stop being sexist.

Although, when frankie's going to Hollywood, I reckon Ves is good money. Probably cause she's cute af and looks like she could fix a flat tyre for me. Bonus points.