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Question about ressurections in skellige

Question about ressurections in skellige

Hi there,

So I recently went into the skellige veteran archtype and I am having great fun with it.

I don`t understand some rules about ressurections though.

Quite a few times I managed to get my beastmaster to 12 points. Then in the second round there is the thing were you most likely wan`t to push.

If I play this beastmaster in the second round I expect to be able to ressurect it in the thrid round. But quite a few times now allready I see it`s banished, and it`t currently a bit unclear why.

Thanks for replying, SoSaHer

Restore puts a Doomed tag on the Bearmaster (and any other cards), which means it will disappear from the graveyard, once it's dead .

Before the previous patch (or some patches ago) it worked like you described, and you could resurrect Restored bearmasters for example, but it got nerfed because it was too powerful.
Ah that it then. Thx!

So I better hold on to that 12 beastmaster for thirtd round. Mindset changed. Mission acclomphished ....haha

"insert evil laugh"
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