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Question about Rondvid

Question about Rondvid

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Curious how Rondvid functions in the following scenario: If Rondvid is in my GY (having previously been played) and my opponent passes, if I then pass, will Rondvid still trigger?
Ronvid currently triggers from graveyard at end of turn. There are other end of turn triggers such as the Knight Elect buff

Regarding timing. If your opponent has already passed, as soon as you pass the round immediately ends - no end of round trigger occurs. So you can't use Ronvid as turn 2 carryover after opponent drypasses.

If opponent hasn't passed and you pass, Ronvid triggers as the turn has to end to move back to opponent.
This work in same way with all "End-turn" triggers, if opponent pass and you pass in response it doesn't trigger(like trebuchet or long ship).