RECOMMENDATIONs for Future Updates to Maximize Immersion

CDPR if you're reading this, thank you so much for making patch 1.5. Cyberpunk 2077 is finally transforming into the dream game we've all been waiting for. The foundation is complete! I have some small suggestion to increase the already great Immersion and bring it to an even high level that will make "existing" in Night City even more personalized and rewarding to the player.

In the upcoming patches as you continue to improve your AI, please focus on NPC dialogue that acknowledges the way you've built your character and the actions that you've done to increase your fame.

If your character should become famous or infamous within the merc world then NPC characters should be able to say random lines to acknowledge this reputation and even change their behavior. For example, If your reputation as a killer grows high enough then enemies in the know should cower in fear as you approach.

Also create some NPC dialogue that acknowledges your character's sense of style or lack thereof. NPCs that are familiar with the intricacies of Cyberware should be able to compliment you through dialogue if you have a Legendary Cyberware upgrade for instance. Hopefully you can add a skill tree/mechanic for charisma, where NPC's will compliment your characters beautiful/handsome looks or grotesque appearance i.e. maelstrom.

If you're wearing the latest Jinguji fashion apparel and you're walking around in Northside, the NPCs would react to your sus AF character being totally out of place in that area. If you're driving a Rayfield Caliburn in Santo Domingo, Some NPCs should start giving you the middle finger and stare you down as you drive by them.

NPCs should be able to acknowledge the various choices you've made as a player. The attributes and skills you've taken, how efficient you are at completing contracts, reputation with organizations, whether you do non lethal or shoot and stab on site with reckless abandon and even the clothes you wear, the cars you drive, the place you live etc should elicit unique responses from NPCS that will modify how they behave towards you and the dialogue they'll say. Once this is done that'll cause the immersion level to become truly breathtaking.

Thank you again CDPR and keep pushing for the next level in all aspects of this amazing game!!! The foundation is done with 1.5. Its now time to build that corpo plaza high rise penthouse on top of it.
One thing I would love to see is gang/faction standings. For example killing members of a gang reduces your standing with them and if low enough members of that gang will shoot you on sight.

I'd also love to see more side quests with the factions (when I first saw cyberpunk concept gameplay I dreamt of becoming an arasaka ninja) but that's probably too ambitious/open world RPG. One of the biggest disappointments in this game is how railroaded the story is and how inconsequential your "choices" are. The "life path" system is the perfect example of this - it stops being relevant 30 minutes into the game.
Update / Review:

I have officially completed the game!
Sadly there is nothing left but an empty map. ( With exception to trying the hidden ending...)
All vehicles and apartments belong to V. Really nice touch. I really hope they add more stories.
Overall, I really enjoyed all the story-lines. I have over 270hrs invested on my PC. #CyberPunk2077 has been fun!
I am considering deleting the game now, until I read of a new update.

Would love to see:
-Dynamic Vehicle upgrades at garages. (Including paint work, engine tunning)
-Police chases, more drag racing
-Better NPCs, the game needs AI. (Tired of zombies)
-Personal story development, with Panam and all the other special characters.
-More/better interactivity with street shops and vendors.

The ability to replay certain missions. REALLY LOVED BEING JOHNNY ON STAGE!
Probably the most fun mission EVER! - "Never Fade Away" Samurai Rule!!!
It would be great if we could

remove clothes mods

mark items as junk

transmog needs to be added

bounties on NCPD crimes should be higher

gang on gang violence should be a thing

random criminals doing car jackings every now and then

I have the full corporate outfit, glasses, jacket, shirt, trousers and shoes but if I want to get a mod back I have to dismantle one of these items and there is no crafting recipe for these items!
In terms of immersion, we need more animations in the house, like eating, maybe cooking too? We saw that with River. and then expanding that to all the shops out there, being able to sit at any restaurant and have an animation for drinking and eating, being able to smoke on the street, making the packs of cigarretes you find out there useful, I could go on and on, but you got the ideia, the animations and conversations play a big role in the immersion, we need more of that
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