Refill map with new side quests and hustles for every upcomming DLC?

Maybe if you stopped running through them in 2 minutes you would realize how much effort has gone into them.

Ive worked in the industry and this is a running joke for many others whom have. The point is that building these games systems takes time, but once they are stable, creating content takes nowhere as much, thats why Most paid DLC's are hugely overpriced and many of these unfinished games are not such because its hard to make these games, its because there is no constructive internal working environment and chaotic or arrogant management. This goes for 90% of all games.
All these games that are problematic from the last decade have the same issue, ambitious planning combined with bad execution and leadership that is not qualified for a job managing something as complex and intricate as a narrative driven video game.

If they bring out paid DLCs that give you 20 hrs of gameplay extra for say 20$, thats a third of the price of a game that took 5 - 8 years to make and gave you hundreds of hours.

Do the math... all DLCs are a scam, but pple love their games and want more content.

I honestly believe we deserve 10 times the content cyberpunk delivered on release, for one because of the unfulfilled promises, and two because the systems of leveling and crafting are structured for immense gameplay mechanics which the games narrative comes nowhere near fulfilling. Because of this I believe that there is a lot to come yet, just hopefully not for an extra 20$ every time, because that would make it a scam again ;).

CDPR promised a product and set a price, which people paid. Delivering a lesser product than an agreement in that sense and then asking more money for the rest of what was promised initially, is a hustle.

And Im not running through them, Im not saying they are scamming us. I believe that there were internal problems plus we all know covid made things harder. All Im doing is contemplating the future in a satirical manner, because I have seen companies like Bethesda or EA deliver crap, and then promise fixes which on arrival fix like nothing significant, when you compare it to the game that was promised initially.

I love CDPR and know they are NOT Bethesda or EA, but if they bring some weak ass shit now, then im gonna hang my hat on a nail.

That being said, if they make a HUGE fix and improvement to the game, I would gladly pay 60$ again for a whole new story in the same setting, because its design potential absolutely rocks.

Mad props to Mike Pondsmith
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