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RELEASE: Lullaby Lighting (Formerly: Project Toussaint)

RELEASE: Lullaby Lighting (Formerly: Project Toussaint)

Hi Lads and Lasses!

As K4rx20/Karx's envoy here on the forums I would like to proudly present the release of Lullaby Lighting Mod!
This is a complete lighting overhaul for Toussaint, built off the framework of Project Toussaint Lighting.

Check it out. I hope you'll love it!

Feel free to discuss the mod (post screenshots or whatever) down below :)

Environment looks gorgeous, but cutscenes inside buildings are too dark. Can hardly see anything in that inn cutscene.
I don't mean to beat a dead horse here but for those of you who are experiencing pitch black interiors, you probably need to calibrate your monitors, as Lullaby Lighting was made with somewhat dark interiors in mind but heavily tested to avoid pitch black or non-playable interiors.

There is now also a version with brighter interiors. Alternatively you could also apply the brighter interiors for Toussaint mod as I've heard it works well enough with Lullaby Lighting.

I hope this helps. Thanks for trying out the mod and providing feedback!
Absolutely stunning lightning mod for Toussaint. A must have. Just be sure to set your Gamma correctly...

Recommend editing rendering.xml file and editing Gamma values to:

<Var id="GammaValue" displayName="gamma" displayType="GAMMA;0.5;5;225" tags="nonLocalized"/>

It gives you broader spectrum in game to play around. :)
You should definitely correctly calibrate your monitor, otherwise interiors will be too dark. That's much more than just fiddlibg with gamma mind you.
holy shit finally a great lighting mod for toussaint this is brilliant thanks for the hard work to everyone who worked on this
Wow toussaint with this looks gorgeous. Damn shame every lighting mod has to make everything dark af in caves, cutscenes, interiors etc. Anyways thanks for this!