[REQUEST] - DATA Tab As Default Tab In Scan Mode (FULFILLED)

Request has been fulfilled, thank you CDPR! (y)

Fairly simple request for something that shouldn't even have been changed in the first place;
  • Please restore the DATA tab as the default tab when scanning NPCs.
  • Or implement a simple feature so that the currently chosen tab is remembered throughout scanning.
Intentionally omitting useful NPC info is a serious crime because;
  • Nobody wants to keep switching to the DATA tab for every single enemy/NPC out there to read all the interesting info, vulnerabilities and capabilities.
  • And not a single Netrunner worth 2 cents needs to read what their quickhack does for the millionth time either.

Nobody wants to look at this when scanning;
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I fully support this.

The hacking tab is completely useless. We already know what the quickhacks do when we slot them.

Or just make it optional.

Or we hit Z and it stays on whatever we decide until we hit Z again.

It really needs to be this simple because right now its super annoying and games shouldnt be annoying.

Found a working mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/cyberpunk2077/mods/9715
You need REDmod. I have the game with GOG so I had to enable a few settings and start the game through GOG for the mod to load but I have the data tab as primary now.
I just wish the devs would see reason and change this in the next patch so we dont need mods for these things.
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I couldn't agree more. I actually used a mod to change this, prior to 2.02, but after the patch have kept my game vanilla.

I only ever use the Hacking tab to see check what the version of a quickhack I have equipped does in addition to its base effect, which is extremely rare.

Z isn't even the easiest key to press while scanning and aiming.
Unfortunately yeah. And what's even more annoying is that if one presses Z to switch over to the Data tab before an NPC is fully scanned, it will actually revert back to the Hacking tab once it's done scanning, making it even more of a pain to use :D
Just wanted to let you guys know that I sent a "bug report" about this yesterday, explaining how it is quite an annoying counter-intuitive gameplay issue which keeps omitting valuable info from us Netrunner players and asked if they could implement just a tiny tweak so that the game remembers which tab the player has selected, so that it always persists.

And they've responded;


Thank you for reporting this issue, we are currently gathering data on it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

So there is a chance that we might get this small quality of life tweak implemented. Hopefully, because over 25000 people do not like this 2.0 change so this would be the best solution to the problem.
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Happy to say this has been implemented as of today with 2.11 so the mods are now completely obsolete.

Am so happy I can finally read all the interesting stuff about NPCs once again :D
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