Request for EPISTROPHY-like follow-up guide mechanic for Side jobs and Gigs


Would like to request the following.

Every time you complete a side job or gig, the guide automatically goes back to that damn main job, which I absolutely do NOT want to do, until all side jobs and gigs are completed. So, every time, you have to go back to either the map or the list of side jobs or gigs to get the guide off the main job, and select the next one.

Can we get an option where the guide automatically selects the next side job or gig after completion of either one of those, preferably "in the order of appearance", just like how the guide automatically selects the next cab in the EPISTROPHY gig? Would insure a much more fluent gameplay, I'm positive.

In addition, would also like to ask for the guide to automatically select the next NCPD Hustle after completion of the last, preferably in the order of the one closest to V.

Thank you.

Kind regards.
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