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Rushed patch

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When starting a thread like this it would be nice if you could explain a little bit more what you mean so that people can properly discuss your thoughts.


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This patch was one of the only patches I've seen as an improvement. The changes to gold cards, a bunch of other stuff they've introduced seemed rushed. The only valid point I've heard about this patch being the bad is that they didn't fix the strength values for certain golds that were made kind of bad with the gold changes.


It's not a patch, but rather a hotfix. Same thing happened last season. Players complain when CDPR is waiting too long to bring out a patch and now they complain when CDPR actually immediately fixes something and then they still complain that X got nerfed, but not Y... Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Anyhow, OP has basically removed his original post (quite quickly), making this thread rather moot. Locking.
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