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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2



People who worked on Stalker are now behind Metro, and both of these franchises are much better then overhyped HL games. Especially Stalker. So who is better developer?
And there's no such thing as HL3, not even on paper. They didn't even finished episode 3! Valve is a joke!

On the other side Stalker 2 was already in the development. Story is completely finished, some character models and animations, concept art, etc.
Now i know almost everything about Stalker history. Also i was involved in some video games projects as a developer. I'm not naive and overhyped about this Stalker 2 announcement.
I'm just sharing information.


Thanks for sharing, having played the Stalker games I certainly hope that a new one is made into reality.


Too late to party, this used to be nice series when open world game werent common but they are now. Now devs should make linear story games in order to get attention. Its funny how things change.