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I'm playing on PC and apparently my save data is damaged and cannot be loaded. This happens short time after I have completed 'Dogtown saints' by killing scav and a new ripperdoc icon appears on the map. Then the first file is OK and all other are damaged. Reloaded a saved game from before, did other things and now once again the same happens.
Has anyone experienced this and knows a workaround? Although I have reported it, I have little hope actually CDPR fixes it but this blocks progression....
check the size of the save game files, if they reach a certain size. they can/will get corrupted by being to big, i had something similar that happened to me, each file that reached over 12Mb went dead, everyone under that worked fine.
Thank you for pointing to this. Of course my save file exceeds 12MB. My manual save just before starting act 3 is 6MB and my manual save just before starting Phantom Liberty is already over 11MB. Any ideas how to reduce the size of save files? I try removing items but this feels neglibible as removing thousands of crafting materials, money, weapons, mods, etc. reduced the size by 0.1MB only :(
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I used a save file editor and can confirm now, once the file size exceeds 12.2MB, it gets corrupted. EPIC, weren't they supposed to have fixed this?
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Before it risked corruption after 8MB, they increased it to 12MB, the problem is that it wasnt designed for keeping on playing or crafting alot of stuff, the best way is to keep crafting to a minimum, with a minimum of spare mods. There is alot to the corruption problem going on, specially if you spawn tons of items or glitching, Games Radar has a quick runthrough on it, Search on Cyberpunk Corrupted Saves, its has been a issue for sometime and its hard to sort out completely
"it wasnt designed for keeping on playing or crafting alot of stuff" - I disagree on this. The whole game is designed in such a way that players collect tons of useless items, such a dozens of iconic weapons (including the most important ones: 2 combat dildos!) and hundreds of useless shards (why would developers bother introducing sorting or filtering, they probably didn't even consider anyone could read all this, let alone want to come back after some time to recall the information :)).
I found a saved game from over a month ago, basically before I used save file editor to add items I have missed and it was over 10MB so it's hard to even consider this the effect of me using a glitch in the game or any mods or third party programme. Not my fault the game doesn't spawn items where it should (confirmed it in several videos, including up-to-date ones) or that the game spawned multiple items of the same type for me, for example NCPD boots.
This is truly the worst experience I have ever had while playing computer games. I asked them to fix this immidiately or refund the money I spent on this bugged sh*t. I haven't experienced any issue such as these as of 1.5 version, hoped they actually upgraded the game, naive of me.
Thank you for explaining the cause of this, if I ever feel masochistic enough in the future to replay this, I'll keep it in mind that this game can only be speedrun as of 2.0+.
it's hard to even consider this the effect of me using a glitch in the game or any mods or third party programme.
Well, maybe not glitches, but if you used mods or third party program(s) to edit your save(s), no... It's not hard to consider, at all ;)
I found a saved game from over a month ago, basically before I used save file editor to add items I have missed and it was over 10MB so it's hard to even consider this the effect of me using a glitch in the game or any mods or third party programme.

I don't think you understand how save files work.

It's not just a compounding effect of everything you gather and pick up adds to a file's weight. It's more complicated then that and it's likely that your file would have stayed below 12MB. Just like it has for the 99% of people there. This isn't a widespread problem by any stretch of the mind and it's typically within a very specific, modded game, circle.

With this statement all you essentially said is "everything was fine before I started using a glitch (I.e. voluntarily using broken/breaking game code which is never a good idea) and third party software to further modify official code that things went wrong".

Furthermore, it sounds like you're carrying your play through(s) through various versions. That is something you can hold against the game to be honest. I don't think I've ever seen a game that sensitive to carrying save through versions and that's likely the reason the items you claim are missing were missing in the first place.

But it was still your choice to push through and further break the game.

I'm sorry to say but you are likely the architect of your own misfortune in this case.
I'm afraid there is a misunderstanding, stemming most likely from my inaccurate post: I have never used a single mod in CP2077 - that is unless save file editor is considered a mod. I have never intentionally used a glitch in the game, what I meant here is that I looted more than 1 item in some cases but this is due to the bug in the game and not my intentional actions. My save file had grown from 6MB to over 10MB before I used the save file editor and from my little investigation based on what saved files I managed to find - the file size grew more or less linearly between ending act 2 and starting Phantom Liberty after I've cleared the whole map except for Dogtown (more or less 90 hours of gameplay). Maybe there was something I have done that caused this issue but such things should have been fixed already. CDPR can't expect, or at least shouldn't expect, that every player is aware of bugs in the game and take precautions.
What do you mean that it was my choice to "push through and further break the game"? That I was stupid enough to update the game? If so, I agree. I shouldn't have trusted CDPR, they've already proven more than once that they have little control over what they're doing and their morality is more than just questionable (release of CP2077, release of Witcher 3 next gen, and so on).
A save game editor is a mod.

You are using third party software/files to modify official files. That's the very definition of a mod. It's what modding has always been.

The moment you started altering your saves using third party software, you exposed yourself to greater issues with the game. There is a reason the most popular save editor(which I assume is the one you used) has 38 pages of reported issues. Modifying saves in a game like this is very risky and an important part of doing so is accepting that you might be destroying your saves. Sometimes in completely unforeseeable ways. It sucks but it's the reality of modding.

I'm running an extensively modded game right now. My CP2077 is modded as hell and I just accept that this also means that the game might fail on me at any moment. Maybe 100 hours in. Maybe 2 hours in. I don't know if it will at all but it's the reality of modding.

The save bloating issue was fixed a long time ago and outside of modded games/saves, it really hasn't been a problem. If it was easy to corrupt your saves through regular play, there would be a lot of posts about it around here just like there was when it was an actual problem.
"Alot of stuff" is when you break down thousand upon thousand of weapon, i have had saves become bloated and non working.... after about 300h of gameplay, so a normal run usually dont break it at all, it takes alot of time(or a bug somewhere) to reach that limit. but there has been rare case of something that like a memory leak of some sort, it inreases the saves in a non normal way, but as people stated those bigger issues should have been fixed already. As you noticed yourself, adding tons of items makes the saves bigger but also makes loading slower and crashes more often unless your comp is a Beast,(I had the inventory tab stop working or crashing because of the content) I downsized one of my early saves from about 2k of attachments, spare items and similar and it makes a huge difference. So i usually recommend just craft when you need to, dont sit and down and make 200 spares of a mod where you probably wont even use 10 off, it really makes a difference. Best way(sadly) is to find a older save before the bug happened but it might be hard to pinpoint it(tried and backrolled about 100h, but still came back)
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