School items - Ruining exploration and economy?

Can you believe, my good people, that fucking Skyrim (one of the worst open world games ever made) does treasure hunts better than The Witcher 3? I sure can't, I hate Bethesda with a passion and love CDPR, but I won't be a blind fanboy and not call out one of my favorite developers on completely missing the point of a Treasure Hunt, while one of their most incompetent competitors does it absolutely right!
Can you believe, my good people, that fucking Skyrim (one of the worst open world games ever made) does treasure hunts better than The Witcher 3?
Treasure maps were pretty cool in Skyrim, but once I found out the loot was leveled, I never bothered to search for them. While in Witcher, at least the witcher armors do not scale with levels meaning you can get something truly better than all the other stuff.
You are partially correct.. If you look at base damage and armor value, then yes Witcher gear is better.
However all equipment has additional stats, like crit damage or chance, chance to freeze and so on.

So it might turn out, that a sword that gives you +75% crit power is better in terms of damage, although its damage value is lower than witcher's sword.
Silver swords are even more interesting, some relic swords have +7% chance to freeze or set on fire, whicch none of witcher's gear has.
Yes and no. This is just what devs have difficulty balancing when trying to make crafting worth the players time. Crafting requires buying maps, treasure hunting, then having the materials to craft with. There is a much higher cost for crafting in both time and materials, than there is for just killing a mob and looting its corpse, or opening a treasure chest. The effort that goes into crafting should reward the player with something worth their time, otherwise you will get crafting that is useless.

The problem is, there aren't many good looking non-witcher armors in game. That is just an opinion, but I think if they made more good looking armors that couldn't be crafted, people would be much happier to search for them and loot them, rather than crafting witcher armors. Its all about appearances and/or stats, and right now, crafted witcher sets both look better and have better stats, so most people are willing to go through the effort to craft each tier of their witcher gear.
Nope, you find better gear, even better than the mastercrafted ones if you level beyond 30. And that's what bothers me. I have found on a random chest sword that has 50 higher damage than mastercrafted ursine one, with 3 sockets, and 84% critical damage. Witcher sets SHOULD be the best. It consumes a hell whole lot of time to find them, crafte them, upgrade them. The armours are definetely worth it though, due to the extra unique features they offer.

Generally, due to the item scaling, crafting in this game becomes absolutely pointless. Whatever you spend money and materials to actually craft it, will becoe useless in half an hour. Item scaling needs to be adjusted. Afterall the devs themselves said that crafted gear is the best in the game(and they are not)
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It's funny, but I think what actually kills the exploration is people actually believing the hype that witcher gear is 'better' when it simply isn't true.
I don't mind, most of the armor looks crappy anyway (in style, not fidelity or design). I don't even like how most of the Witcher sets look.
regarding regular armors, not all are pointless.. some might have much better resistance against normal weapons (slashing,bludgeoning,piercing) than witcher stuff, and you might be quite surprised how big deal it might make in some battles against humans.. having 30% resistance to slashing just from armor is quite useful to have even against Wild Hunt...
I'd like some school gear thats not magically found with every location attached to a letter.
Some good stuff that has to be found randomly.

Or maybe even with a letter or a treasure map, but without a fucking mapmarker to the very chest?!
I was lvl25 at the time, the feline gear next upgrade was 26. The stuff I had that was better was 20.

I decided to wait until I have reached 26, remake the gear and see if it's any better than what I have when I get there :)

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Oh.. and all items of gear (feline) were heavier (twice as heavy on avg) as what I alreayd had, so there's that to take into the equation as well.

It seems like Feline & Griffin weight values are reversed in the game data. Unless light armour is meant to weigh more than medium.
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I haven't thought of it, specifically, but OP does have a point. I had noticed money is becoming useless, which should never happen in an RPG. Oh, if I could buy red mutangens, even if they were very expensive.

Ekimmara hides, 10k a piece, I'll take one.
In terms of raw damage, I saw several relic quality swords that outdamaged the set ones. Maybe they missed the other bonuses, but well.
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