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Season of the Draconid is live!




Saskia is known to the people of the North by many monikers: the Dragonslayer, the Virgin of Aedirn, the People's Hope. Few know, however, that under this guise of a valiant warrior fighting for the cause of racial coexistence hides a dragon by the name of Saesenthessis.

Now you have a chance to join her ranks – Season of the Draconid has started!

Here are the fiery rewards you will be able to earn this month:



Damn, that dragon will be the life of me...

Expect top 1000 not to mention top 100 to be tight, tight, tight this season
As always amazing artwork for the new avatar.
The titles are not new but I still want to say that Golden Dragon is among the best titles in the game in my opinion, together with Hero, White Wolf and, my personal favorite, Rebel.

I got my fingers crossed for a just as amazing Cahir avatar at some point. ;)

Wish everyone good luck and much fun climbing this season.