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Secondary Skills - General solution of most cards!

I was thinking here and would be very glad the CD read this opinion and people help with your ideas for the game.

If most of the cards, or at least the least played had secondary skills, they could see a lot more game, and the greatest example of this is the card Vivienne: Oriole.

It's an incredible card with a beautiful art and the idea is very good, but unfortunately impractical - but if you make a little change in it ....

Row body to body> destroy an artifact.
Put as a secondary skill> Long range: if your opponent does not have an artifact, reinforce himself by 5!


Simple idea that will make the card playable.

I really hope that the CD sees this idea, and personally, leave your opinion on this change and others that could add on a card in particular!
I'm not sure. You may add a secondary effect to cards that are rather weak in general. However in your example Vivienne is a very high variance card (and thus not competitive)

However it is a card that may give you the victory, if you play it against circle of invocation for example. For this reason, you cannot prevent it from bricking using a secondary effect, as the card would be totally OP.

Sometimes I use it in a Discard deck, but even if it removes the brick risk it still a 10prov card... Quite expansive to discard !