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Sup. I wanna know 1 thing. I made this screenshot during some of my game runs and now I need to remade it with better quality. The problem is that I cant get Judy in this pose again. I am 100% sure that I made this screenshot in Lizzie's bar during Automatic Love quest, so I downloaded save file with that quest, but no matter what dialogue lines I picked, Judy wont get into that pose. If you can remember the quest, you must go to bar to speak with Judy and ask her about Evelyn. With right dialogue lines Judy will go in the 2nd room in the basement to fix some things in it. After that she will leave that room and I know that somehow she can stop right after she leave the room and stand next to you. Is there any way I could investigate what should I do to make her stand there?View attachment 11319554
If it's at the very beginning of Automatic Love, I don't remember she's smile like that, even less when she gets up to go to the back of the room (but I could be wrong).
So you're sure it's not during "The Information", when she gets up just before watching the "tutorial" braindance ?

But it's not the oportunities who lack to take screenshots of Jusy smiling later :)
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I just like the way she rolls
this is my V fyi photomode_16092022_195928.png
WOW!...stunning quality. 4K RTX Psychco setting mode?...Best i can do is Psychco 4K 1080Ti. But i got my eye on the 4000 RTX cards 4080 16GB at mini. Again wonderful job on the images i look forward to seeing more.
Oh no, in 4K yes... But Series X on performance mode (about 1440p upscaled and no RTX^^) :giggle:
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Why it's David!


(Pardon the missing David jacket new V so he doesn't have it yet)
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"The Gimp" really gets around.
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Some of the shots with Mr. Nibbles alone remind me of the game "Stray"

Brick! (Nah just an NPC swap)
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