Share your screenshots, NPCS, World, or your Character.

The most enjoyable part of making screenshots is making them with ray tracing when your GPU doesn't support it fully :D
I've spent sufficient time around this thing to get chill about it patrolling.

Even though, the idea is not to grow so warm to each other that I tail it wherever it goes. The idea is for the game to give me a cannon so I can shoot it in the butt and splash its head all over the wall. It might also be funny to see how it reacts to Cali. I mean a running Cali that strikes it at 500+ km/h.

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Red point for the screenshots, but Fingers... no, I always have to remember Zen Master lessons/advices to be able to control myself and not punch him. CDPR managed to create a great dislikable character :D
Yet... I happen to actually like him.
So much so that he'll be the only ripper doc besides a few things with Victor now that every doc has got the same stuff. ^^


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