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You've shared your Vs a lot already in the original thread:

How about your builds though? Is your V a mighty skullcrusher, a nimble gunner or a sneaky netrunner?

For starters - let me share builds I used when recording gameplay for REDstreams :cool:

Want to tackle MaxTac like in the August episode? Try this strong solo build!

Remember to chrome up, grab a shotgun, an LMG and something heavy to swing around and go wreak havoc!

Or maybe you'd rather go a bit more tacticool and get into shootouts boosted by some netrunning like in September episode? Then try this agile merc build instead.

You'll need a pistol, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a ton of good quickhacks at the ready!
At level 28:

A mostly stealthy netrunner, but also not afraid of gunfights. I have been using Dying Night since the start, upgrading it as much as I've been able (currently Tier 4).

I absolutely LOVE using surveillance cams to hack enemies from a distance. Never gets old. I also greatly enjoy taking advantage of Fortified Ankles to more easily sneak past and/or to enemies.

I'm playing on Normal, so I'm not super optimizing anything (hence no points in Cool).
Just saying ... it would be really nice if would be possible upload build to tool from gamesave. Atm Im only on lvl7 but moved tech to lvl9 to allow more cyberware installation.
I am really enjoying this melee build it’s like being the hulk. I don’t need to use guns much or at all really, I just pick dead enemies with R and turn them into projectiles with the middle mouse button. I mostly use the gorilla arms, wrecking ball, quake and epicenter for offensive attacks. Using the bounce back to keep adrenaline rush up. I use dashes and sandevistan to close gaps on enemies.

I was able to hold off ncpd at max stars for about 10mins with the build, although oddly Maxtac didn’t show up for some reason so I just stealthed away from the area after the 10mins and let the stars drop. Maybe it was too much of a blood bath even for them. I did like the new dialog some of the ncpd were saying. Calling V a cyborg.

Level 50:

Frontal Cortex: self-ice, mechatronic core, kerenzikov boost system
Arms: gorilla arms
Integumentary System: carpace, optical camo, subdermal armor
Skeleton: para bellum, titanium bones, epimorphic skeleton
Nervous System: neofiber, atomic sensors, kerenzikov
Operating System: qiant warpdancer sandevistan
Face: kiroshi sentry optics
Hands: ballistic coprocessor, shock absorber
Legs: reinforced tendons
Feline organic gunslinger build. I was a female nomad gunslinger/sniper with light clothing, no cyberware and no armor (3 power weapons : stealth pistol, modded revolter with explosive bullets, overwatch sniper). The aim was to die with two bullets but to compensate with stealth, and mostly, in direct combats, reflexes and movement. The new Cool perk-tree is really playful, with crouch-sprinting, Focus and Deadeye making you progress not just with plain stats, but with meaningful new actions to experiment with. The feeling was great because, in very hard, base game was now really challenging until the end. You ABSOLUTELY need the Dash tree in Reflexes to fight bosses, and may still rage quit Oda and the spider-bot. Natural health regen (in Body) and improved medkits (in Tech) are a way to survive in late game unforgiving combats (with many enemies).

I finally accepted low-armor agility and stealth cyberware for the second part of Phantom liberty, mainly to test new optical camo perks playstyle. It made stealth missions renewed and fun, although a bit too simple, with still many challenging bosses and mandatory combats at the end of the story.
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Very Hard dominating Doomslayer V. Fast and agile, yet absolutely absolutely ABSOLUTELY hits like dump truck.

Centerpiece equipment is the lovely Testera and hand mod Microgenerator. With the Rip and Tear perk, constant two thousand plus per shot and sometimes even close to that per bash. Silenced Nue for one/two hit kills and knives for easy headshots (Accelerated Toxin Absorption <3). Air dash everywhere for both stamina management and damage mitigation, double jump and air dash for full stamina, dump stamina with Testera.

Testera's high pellet count (24 pellets per trigger pull) on top of vivisector mod constantly procs Obliteration even at full health and sometimes even two enemies at the same time, or at the very least (if they live), cripples them. Reload cancel with bash to add that sweet double damage. Microgenerator doesn't proc the full 5 round reload but 2 is enough to add utility to the weapon in the means of an area of effect and emp, which can be used to knock dodgier enemies down (those with matrix bullet dodge, especially). The aoe can also be to hit enemies behind cover, usually knocking them down.

Both silenced Nue and Stinger are great for stealthy approaches, with the knife adding a bit of versatility for hand to hand and near instant kills. The grenades are amazing openers and hard target softeners. If an enemy gets blasted and lives, a double barrel shot to the face is enough to finish the job. Use a plethora of common level quickhacks with a Raven Microcyber like ping, contagion, reboot optics+sonic shock combo, and on some occassions, suicide and cyberpsychosis when the lower ram cost procs.

Bloodpump for health+biomonitor. Axolotl plus Pain to Gain means there's always a charge as long as I'm doing well in combat.
At level 30:

I'm going to max out Cool, and put the rest of the points in Tech and Body.

I almost never use my gun (the highest-damage handgun I've found, a Burya revolver) anymore, as I am able to get through everything with just quickhacks and the occasional Takedown. I also carry a throwing knife just in case opportunities present themselves.

Super fun to play! Stealth is my favourite playstyle in RPGs.

PS. Stealth netrunning is the complete opposite of "dead".
While I'm only still on level 4 or 5 of a fresh new playthrough that is also meant to be my Phantom Liberty play, and not fully knowing what all of the new skills are.
My 'build' ...which is essentially just an assortment of random stuff picked up when I need it... Will be along the lines of:
- High amount of HP
- fairly low on Cyberware, sticking to essentially kiroshi's, smart-link and subddermal armor
- low/mid cyberdeck to inflict some disruptive combat such as overheat, combined with disabling tactics such as blind or the incapacitate thing
- as for weapons: Heavy sniper (Grad), sub machinegun (Fenrir) for close quarters and rounded by a precision rifle like SOR

The idea is to be able to do a bit of all things and (so goes my theory) mix them as I please in how to approach and/or end engagements.
Undying NetGunner (Maxtac Killer)
This is an end game build and is used on Very Hard difficulty. It was created in patch 2.02.

  • Kills Maxtac waves on Very Hard.
  • Can stealth via Quickhacking
  • Can one-shot with the gun
  • Very ammo-efficient (because one-shot build)

Smart Sniper, max lvl

Ashura is a great sniper rifle, with these perks you will be able to kill enemies. with the new perks you will constantly use the slow-mo effect even without sandevistan. You can put cyberware microgenerator and it will add damage to EVERY shot.

You can start the fight by contagion and then shooting enemies

Wearon - ashura, db4 palica, genjiroh (the best of the two iconic pistols)


Frontal cortex - Axolotl, Ram upgrade, Bioconductor

Operating System - Raven microcyber MK3

Face - Basic kiroshi

Circulatory System - Blood pump, heal-on-kill, Threatavac

Nervous System - Visual cortex support, Revulsor, Tyrosine injector

Integumentary System - Optical camo, Rangeguard, Subdermal armor

Skeleton - Ram recoup, Bionic joints, Para bellum

Hands - Smartlink, Microgenerator

Legs - fortified ankles

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My V build is...
  • Cool-20
  • Body-20
  • Reflexes-20
  • Very hard setting
I use Bait, Sonic Shock, Memory wipe combined with Knife as my main style of play. Secondary weapon Shot gun for those close encounters, Followed by Sniper gun when i need to make a statement i am here.

Just love sneaking in, complete the mission, and then leave out the front door.

The other thing i do is play with no HUD, no aim assit, no aim melee assit, no mini map. Just clean screen with no distractions. It feels like your cheating with it on.

Cheers Chooms
Next to two different pure Netrunner-Builds I lately fall in love with my Jack of all trades Nomade:

20 Tech
15 Reflex
15 Body
15 Cool
15 Int

It’s fun being able to solve every mission/side gig with a complete different approach just respecing perks on the fly depending on my mood and rp.

if someone is bored beeing op with a maxed out killah build give it a try maybe you find one or another way of solving quests you haven’t thought about before ^^
I was planning to go 3 Body/10 int/18 tech/20 reflex/20 cool. Stealthy, mobile and heavily cybered gun-murder-machine, with a smattering of quickhacks to take care of cameras, open doors and debuff enemies.

But that kinda went out the window when I realized that you can't combine Sandy with a cyberdeck. I wish the game told you this earlier (as in, before I spent points in a tree focused almost exclusively on cyberdecks). Unsure what I'll do now...
My V's build


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