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Should I simulate or not simulate Witcher 2 save for Witcher 3?



Should I simulate or not simulate Witcher 2 save for Witcher 3?

I have never played any Witcher games before, this is my first time to Witcher universe. I'm planning to get Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for my PS4 tomorrow.

I went on Wikipedia and few other sites to learn the backdrop story of Witcher 1 and Witcher 2. Now I just recently learned of this simulate Witcher 2 save option where you choose to pick yes or no at the start of the game.

Basically the question I want to ask is, which is the best way to choose for best possible play-through experience?

Apparently if I choose yes, there will be 5 questions (I think) that I have to answer, such as ''did you kill Letho?''. I heard that if you choose to not kill Letho, you can get a quest associated with Letho and possibly get him as an ally in Witcher 3.

I know Letho may have done bad things in Witcher 2 but I would choose not to kill him if I decide to choose to simulate Witcher 2 save, just for an extra quest. I don't want moral choices because obviously I haven't played the previous Witcher games, I just want best possible play-through experience.
If choosing to simulate Witcher 2 save, what is the best answers for five questions for best possible play-through experience?

What does, by deciding to not simulate Witcher 2 save, actually means? is Letho alive or dead in this default Witcher 3 etc?

I can't play previous Witcher games to understand the story properly because I only own PS4 and have a crappy PC that can barely run Minecraft.

That's right, I am a peasant. Will you help poor peasant with this baffling problem filled with baffling choices? <3

sorry for bad english
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The more i think about it, the more it seems to me that the one about Letho is probably the only one that has a noticeable impact on your options..
Or maybe there's more but I didn't notice it.
Anyway, I would suggest:
- You traveled with Iorveth (doesn't affect your interactions with Roche much, and who knows if it could significantly affect your interactions with Iorveth when they'll add it)
- you spared Adrian
- you spared Sìle
- You spared Letho
- you spared every-fucking-one (no, seriously, I can't remember what was the fifth).
The rule of thumb - if you killed someone, they won't be in TW3. So go with sparing everyone to get more quests and character interactions, if you are interested in this kind of thing.


- you spared Adrian
- you spared Sìle
- You spared Letho
Well 1)Adrian just unlocks some lines of dialogue.
2)Sheila a short sequence plus very minor choice
3) Letho gives you a quest in place of another one (a witcher contract) so I guess yes for storyline value?

5)I think it's the romance option? The rose?


You want Letho alive and that means you must simulate. His quest is pretty cool and he can help further on.

All other choices don't matter at all.
I think if you spare Aryan, Louise goes with you and Voorhies, so you can talk to her as well. Otherwise she is pissed, stays in Novigrad, and you go only with Voorhies.
Well, I'd say spare everyone. Some of them can help you while the story develops, such as Letho later on, but sparing people is a good deed anyway, though you could look up the names and find out what happened and decide for yourself, I have played the previous witcher games, 1 and 2, I have read the books, yet I just spared everyone because I wanted to meet them all once again :D :) ^_^