Should the next Cyberpunk have multiplayer?


Should it?

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As some of you may remember, Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to have a multiplayer element before it got canned due to the mess of a development. No doubt, CDPR had originally hoped it would have been a GTA online style cash cow, which is why I for one was quite happy it went the way of the dodo.

However, I think if it were done well and not simply a GTA online clone it could have been a really unique idea, given the setting of such a game. If it were more focused on building crews and doing jobs, Edgerunners style. Which begs the question; would you like to see the sequel have a multiplayer element.

If it truly was done with a unique idea in mind and with a real intent to create something different then I would be happy with it. If they did make a multiplayer in the next game and it was an obvious GTA online style money bank then I'd be disappointed to say the least

Absolutely not.

I would much rather see a high-quality single-player game than anything with multiplayer. The time that implementing multiplayer would take would be better used for developing the game itself, and its single-player content.

CDPR are very good at single-player, so they could easily stick to it. (GWENT doesn't count because it's just a card game, and next to nobody seems to play the Witcher Adventure Game, which is just a board game anyway, these days.)
i don’t know how the “slow time” effects would even work in a multiplayer game. Just keep it single player.
Seeing the success of other games using multiplayer and the absolute sh*t ton of money it rakes in, yeah, I can imagine CDPR will want something like that.

Like it or not, its undeniable that it can generate revenue in excess of any single player game, and if CDPR decides that it wants money like TakeTwo, then it'll happen. Or at least they'll try :sneaky:
I don't think CPR should go for an open world multiplayer mode at this point At the same time, I wouldn't mind having a few multiplayer missions.
Separate from the main game, in rather small and restricted areas. Multiplayer is not my cup of tea but as long as it doesn't affect the main game and gets too big to handle for the dev team, why not.
If they do multiplayer they'll be trying to 'balance' your game all the time. So uh... yeah sure, we all like nerfbats right?
I could see myself enjoying occasional co-op story missions with a friend (like in FarCry). But actual multiplayer? No thanks. Main focus should definitely be in single player story.
And like fallout 76 it will dramatically and adversely effect the ability to mod the game. But I predict they will do it anyway. The drastic changes they made to combat in PH hint at that. Someone asked about time effects in MP. It has been done before in other games with MP combat such as Max Payne:
No thanks. Not necessary unless they do something where they bring elements from the TTRPG into it or something...
I am not going to lie, I do play MP games but then I go back to SP, then try MP again and back to SP. Simple reason for it being other players unfortunately. I like to immerse myself into game world and with some players this is possible but then you get that one guy just jumping in front of you all the time or doing other stupid things…. Co-op sure, you pick the other player but MMO would kill the game climate.


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Spend resources on SP.
No need for MP in this game.
Look at all the other titles that had "forced" MP:
Bioshock2: was the MP succesfull?
Far Cry 3: the MP servers are already taken offline, guess why.


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I could vote either way, but on principle voted no, because I want them to focus more on single player. Now if they can add multiplayer without sacrificing the quality and quantity of single player, I'm all for it, won't play it though because multiplayer doesn't interest me. Maybe Co-Op story mode like
--Kory-- suggested could be nice.
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