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Single Player

With the popularity of card games more and more developers implement single player content into their games but they are not as robust or rewarding as the multiplayer. For players who are not as interested in multiplayer and just wish to play and enjoy the game on a more personal level. They're not as many rewards or lasting appeal to single player content. You finish the challenges once and unlock rewards (ore,etc) but once that challenge is complete its done. I would love to see some kind of single player arena content the way Elder Scrolls Legends has one. Their game rewards you daily for doing single player. People who enjoy the game more by playing single shouldn't have to be forced to play multiplayer to earn rewards or pay real money just to get better cards just to be more competitive online.


Thread moved to the Thronebreaker forum, which is dedicated to discussing the campaign (singleplayer) content.

CCG are ideal for multiplayer because of the inherent concept. But like you've said, most CCG do not have much SP content or anything at all. However, with Thronebreaker, Gwent might become the most extensive singeplayer CCG out there. So, keep your eyes peeled for the campaign.


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i have faith this will be rewarding and a good single player campaing after all its just not about the rewards alone