Smearing/ghosting with Path Tracing

As the title says there is very noticeable smearing/ghosting with Path Tracing enabled. For me it's not the new Ray Reconstruction option that is causing the issue.
PC specs are in the video. Driver is 537.42.

Strange, for me it is solely on RR, Granted i stopped playing after bit of just using Path Tracing..
I experienced the same thing, if you look down you'll notice even V's body extremely shimmering as if they're magically enchanted. In any case it's truly experimental tech by the looks of it this update.
Hello, I have the same problem too. Everything was fine before the patch. With patch 2.0 I now also have ghosting and streaking as soon as path tracing is activated again. no matter whether I have activated dlss 3.5 or not. Drivers are up to date.
Same exact issue on my end. I tried switching Ray Reconstruction, Frame Generation, and each DLSS setting on and off. Tried countless different combinations. But the only thing that got rid of the ghosting was turning off Path Tracing entirely.

Disappointing...the reflections and lighting are so good with PT. But the ghosting is just so distracting.
Same goes for me, since the latest patch 2.0 ort 2.1 (whichever it is) the ghosting when ray tracing is enabled is so much worse than the initial video on this thread. When it is raining and, with the cars reflections in the street, the whole road is just a ghosting nightmare.
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