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So...are the year reward books suppose to match with chinese zodiac?

Just realized "year of the wild boar" is the chinese pig-year :LOL: does that mean the rest of year books will follow the same pattern?

There are 12 zodiacs so it will take 12 years to rotate them :oops: Is CDPR that dedicated to Gwent? Wouldn't complain if that's the case :p

Year of barn hamster (mouse year)
Year of raging bull (cow year)
Year of ...big cat? (tiger year actually XD but cat year sounds fun too)
Year of bunny rabbit (rabbit year)
Year of golden dragon (dragon year, tho supposely eastern dragon and western dragon are completely different things..)
Year of Ouroboros serpent (snake year)
Year of the Roach (horse year!)
Year of raming ram (goat year)
Year of ..dh'oine? (monkey year XD but I imagine to elves those make no difference)
Year of crowing rooster (chicken year)
Year of the Knickers (dog year!)
Year of wild boar (<-this year)