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So I played Monsters today... Sorry

Yes I know that I shouldn't be doing this but figured I won't have enough ores (not even close) for Crimson Curse, and it's 50% xp more for the apparent +1 point lvl-up-awarded...
At least kind of invented my version of Gernichora that summons lots of creatures from the deck and is not really just about big units... Summoning Circle doing between 12 and 22 pts... And it's a Ketullis deck that actually allows to make good plays...
I don't feel this excuse is good to be an ass today and be this 120 000th person who spams MO... But this 50% exp's going to expire, I thought, maybe 1 day of being selfish won't be that bad...

(also I'm writing it in case it becomes meta so you'll know who to blame hehe) (patented deck)
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btw while at MO thread, a strange situation occured here..

Sad tempo on short round vs ST... I didn't mean to make him play 3 cards to catch up... :(
sad tempo scr.jpg
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