[Solved] Help with White Tiger armor recoloring?

Hi guys. I'm a beginner trying to make some armor retexturing mods to The Witcher 3 Next Gen on pc. So after a few tutorial videos watched and questions answered by modders on Nexus, I was able to uncook the game content and export xbm files into tga format so I can edit them using GIMP. However, after editing both the "d01" and "s01" files to my desire color and packing them into a usable mod, the majority of the armor's color changed as I intended, while some parts of the armor stayed in the original color. Does anyone suspect what might be causing this problem? Are there other files I should look at for armor color modding? (The armor set I'm working on is the White Tiger set btw.)
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Something to aid the question. The parts remained in the original color are labeled in the below picture, namely the three pieces of cloth hanging from waist down and the band strapped across the chest. Everything else were correctly changed with my modification to the "s01" and "d01" files. (files like this: d_01_mg__white_tiger_d01.xbm)
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