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Some vampire decks... [for Nightbanes]

As you know (because I often mention it), there's been my favourite game ever Nightbanes... vampire, noir themed card game with imo great mechanics, lore and fantastic artwork, design. It went bankrupt about 6 years ago. It's deleted from all corners of the Internet even though it had nice offline features. :sad:

Even after so many years, I still remember most of 1500 cards and tier 1 decks... Recently I've been asked:
What game do you play? I could do with a card game that doesn't have the same 3 decks played out over and over and over and over and over again.
So I thought that if we're at Crimson Curse, I'd mourn only a brief set of Vampire tier 1 decks.
(vampires were one of... 8 'factions'... (ofc you could use eg. vampires, ghosts and undead in 1 deck, whatever you wanted))
(you weren't limited by anything in deckbuilding and 1500 cards was a lot to build of... number of tier 1 decks was like 30, but people used to go wild with experiments...)

Blood Altar deck - fire AoE+curses, but you needed to fight on your territory... Use Demons for fire curses till you're ready to play the Altar. "Location"is a type of card that cancels opponent's location, so there's only 1 allowed at the time. Blood Altar location card could be won against the most op boss Devs could imagine. 3 abilities: AoE, kills 1 unit every turn and destroys all artifacts every turn, such a nasty Alithia the Deathwalker*...
So, if you had some Demons and drained your opponent's Locations first, Vampires fighting near their sacred Altar area? Only what could kill them were weapons like The Impaler...

Spooky Scotsman - you spam spooky ghosts so a powerful vampire has a clear hit on opponent's Vampire Lord... But he needed to load lots of "bloodthirst" to get activated, thus you had to think of ways to make him survie till the ghosts fly all over the place.

Papa Gambo Chinatown - you needed to play in a way that your artifacts with vampire blood wouldn't be taken out by artifact removal, then you had a swarm of Newly Turned Vampires, then you could play some cheap facilities that gave these recruits weapons and armors, and then nail it with a favoruable Location... very strong

Shadow Curse Vamps - shadow was one of... 6 types of damage... The cards with this type often had cricital-hit abilities. This deck was based on stacking curses on one enemy unit so a Sphinx vamp who had double attack + cleave (attacks 2 adjecent units) could wipe the field out...

Holy Vampires - if you watched Vampire Hunter D, you know a great lore to the origins of vampires... There was a Star Vampire who had a weapon slot and a holy AoE... if you gave him any leeching weapon, and supported with Paladins, it could do a decent value, but you had to keep him alive.

Vampire Lover-Golem deck - there was a magic staff that could summon a Golem whenever it's user dies. There vampires that resurected themselves a couple of times. Vampire Lover with a decent armor was a hell of a placeholder...

Seduction+Disable+Stun vampires -- a control deck that you could get some of opponent's cards, so you had to be a bit careful not to cripple them too much first...

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Gwent is nice, but these tier 1 decks're gettin spammed. And it's too little complex, so that nettedcking just does it. But it's only 500 cards for now so maybe when it grows, it'll become the best game ever, who knows :)

*PS. I don't have any vampire deck screenshots as there was need to share stuff like that at the time... people didn't want to netdeck themselves, at least those in highest league... But apparently I wanted to share my boss-specific deck, which looked like this: and here I digged out a bit of one of many Dragon decks, with Dragon Cultists
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