Sony refuses to give refunds for Cyberpunk 2077 citing upcoming patches will fix the game

I pre ordered and then played or tried to on base model PS4. The game hard restarts my system after playing for more than 10-15 minutes a sitting. I called Playstation Support 4 times and was told 4 times that there are no known problems with the game and I needed to contact the studio that put the game out and then was refused a refund. I then emailed CD Projekt Red and received an email back stating I need to contact SONY. I once again contacted SONY and was told no matter what CD Projekt Red puts out about refunds, they do not represent the TOS of Sony and they will not refund my money! What a mess this is. I want my money back for a faulty base model ps4 game......plain and simple.
I bought the game by gog send the mail and I am still waiting for an answer, I hope they give me my money back because it is unplayable.
Sony who was once one of my favorite brands has become one of the worst offenders, very anti-consumer which seems to be all the rage these days.

Did that. They said to go through Sony! :(

CD Projekt told you to go through Sony after you told them Sony wont honor the refund?
I thought CDPR's CEO Marcin Iwinski said they will do their F*ing best to help us... :eek:
I also got denied for my refund from Sony, and have sent an email to
We will see...

Maybe some lawyers will start some class action lawsuit?? You know how much lawyers love that.

I'm not out in the least looking for revenge but the reality is this:

The irony of this whole situation given the nature of the subject matter of the game is just too funny but not in a good way.

Not sure who to contact or what thread this belongs in, how would I contact CDPR regarding my PS4 purchase of the collector's edition? With it being so buggy, I was hoping maybe they'd be nice enough to give me a PC copy in lieu of a refund, since I recently built a gaming PC. I really want to play the game without being hampered by all the problems.

I tried emailing and, but was given this reply and nothing else since. Not sure how to contact or how.

Thank you

Wed, Dec 23, 3:30 PM (23 hours ago)
to me

Dear sender,
Thank you for your message. You reached CD PROJEKT RED's reception desk, and we are only able to help with general inquiries.
Depending on your inquiry please use the following:

CD PROJEKT RED games support webite: support website:
Inquiries regarding refunds of Cyberpunk 2077 console copies:

For more contact info see: EN

Best regards
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