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Hi! Just started playing CP2077 a few hours ago and noticed many bugs with my audio. Chose the Corpo lifepath and noticed the first bug on the tutorial at the club with the music not playing and dialogues not hearable. Restarted it and could hear the random npcs but music still off, soon after when the shootings starts it's all blankd. My firing is there and I can hear it, but nothing from the enemies and no soundtrack in the background at all. No idea where they come from and no noise at all...
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Idk if I should make another thrend, but another glitch was regarding the fight in the rescue. By having hacking activated while checking the first body. It gets stuck in it, can't holster gun or shot or leave the hacking mode, had to restart from save file
Hello all!

I just started playing the game just like many others around the world and so far it is amazing! There is an occational bug or glitch just like any game but there is one issue that is problematic. When in-game (no including menu screens like the pause menu or inventory) there is a slight but noticeable white noise in the background. It becomes very apparent when there are lots of different sounds playing at once. It becomes very distracting when trying to listen to other characters, the world, and wonderful music. I made sure my drivers were updated and it was through DirectX 12. I even tried different headphones but to no avail. I played different sounds through the headphones from YouTube and other applications with no issue. If anyone else is having this issue let me know. :)
Hi, just started Act 1 and noticed that all world NPCs (not main characters) have missing sound when they speak to me after I tap F to talk to them, or when walking near them. There's no sound but there are subtitles above their heads, and when I scan them with TAB then I can hear their speech sound.

Also got in a gunfight on the street and all enemy guns made no sound when firing (missing sounds, not silenced).

Also when I drive and hit some other car and the other driver swears at me, I can see subtitles above it, but no sound from it.

Started from Nomad lifepath.

Anyone else have this? Anyone find any solution? (restarting the game didn't work, verified game files with GOG Galaxy, all 100%).
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I'm currently doing 'The Gift' quest and in the shop where I pick up the program the shopkeeper is speaking but there's no audio when she speaks.

I am having sporadic audio distortion throughout the game like there are buffer under-runs occurring. I am currently running the buffer at size 256 @ 48khz. In addition to that, like others I seem to be missing audio in certain situations. Cars are oddly silent for things like doors closing, going on dirt roads, or someone sitting in the other seat. Other common sound effects like landing on my feet from a height also seem to not be present.
Started playing a couple hours ago and quickly noticed some audio issues. Non quest related NPCs are extremely quiet when I talk to them, to the point where they are almost inaudible. The same thing can be said for TVs and radios. I can see the subtitles on TVs and NPC's heads but the sound is very very quiet, again almost inaudible. I noticed the NPC issue in the bar with street kid start and the TV/radio issues I only noticed when going into V's apartment and it was almost dead silent apart from ambience. Radio was on but not producing sound and when I tried to watch TV no sound was there. Tried verifying game files and restarting a couple times but this did not fix the issue. A friend streamed the game to me and had the same audio settings I had but everything sounded perfect. It's made it hard to focus on my surroundings when everything is not producing sound.
I have been having sound issues where there a constant feedback quietly in the background of all game audio, I am also having a similar problem where gunfire randomly doesn't have any sound.
I'm getting popping sounds along with the music in my headset, but that's happened in other games too, there's got to be some setting with this logitech stuff or on windows that's making it "pop" like static pops at the same time as the music.
CDPR please fix this issue. I have the same problem, Lizzie bar no music, NPC lips move but no sound, NPC gun fire no sound. It is dostracting from immersion.

Yep, that's exactly what I got. Hope someone can address this soon or provides any workaround, as it's really noticeable and harms the immersion and atmosphere massively.

Plus, I recommend opening a support ticket to send CDPR/GOG your machine's technical details (game version, OS version, sound device name and driver version, screenshot of game files, what you tried to do etc.) so that their support team can see multiple reports for the same issue and realize it's not an isolated case. You can open a new support ticket from here:

Or just post those details here so someone from CDPR can look at them.
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Have the same very quiet NPC, radio, TV etc. sounds.

Have onboard realtek card; after having the issue updated its driver with driver booster, issue persists, tried uninstalling realtek drivers and used default drivers from windows, still no luck. Guess its not driver related. Also the workaround for the other sound issue(crackling sounds) doesn't work for this..

edit: aight, this fixed it for me:

Note: On step 3 he repeats step 1 by mistake and on the last step he says "go into HeSuvi", so on step 3 install this: it will unpack into Equalizer APO's folder automatically.
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I've just started the game on the xbox one, and when me or the npc talks, doesn't have sound, the music on the menu, and the music on the background are normal, but the audio of V and all the other characters/npcs are mute
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