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Spoiler from books, especially Sword Of Destiny book.



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[Please don't read further if you haven't read Sword Of Destiny or planning to read the books. Major spoilers ahead.]

I just finished the first story from Sword Of Destiny and was blown away from that story. What is more fulfilling is the fact that Villentrethenmeth and Myrgtabrakka work together very well in Gwent and they were related in the book too. I don't know if the Gwent team had Villen in mind when they designed Myrgtabrakka and the syngergy between them. Great job Gwent team.

I had finished 'The Last Wish' book and then started reading it. A lot of characters, like, Nivellen, when it comes in the book, it was awesome [BTW, I was thinking that Nivellen is the naked lady sitting on the Bear, but then got to know that Nivellen is the bear!]. Strigobor, Toruvel, Filandrevel, Dennis Cranmer (again, please buff him a bit), Rainfarm.. reading the book after playing Gwent feels great. You can give a face to those characters and relate more.

May be later, after reading more, I will get to know about lore discrepancy a lot of people had complained. But till now, Gwent has made the reading experience a little better!