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[Spoilers!] Easter Eggs in Thronebreaker

Already ran into some, so thought I'd make a thread for easter eggs in the game. :D
As the title says, SPOILERS ahead!

Here are some I've found:
- the innkeep in the (tutorial) Mess tent references Odrin and the Hairy Bear, from older Witcher games
- there is a red cardinal (CDPR logo bird) on one of the beams near the Mess tent roof, and it even makes a sound when clicked on
Also, the steward in the mess mentions a riotous camp where they served no meat -- not even sausage. . . wonder where that could have been. . . .
Anséis (Meve's younger son) is the dude who challenges Geralt to a duel in TW3 Blood and Wine during the tournament in Warble of a Smitten Knight.
I also found a full quest regarding Zoltan's engagement (which he talks about in both Witcher 1 and Witcher 2). That was really cool. :D

Another RED cardinal weather vane... right next to a puzzle where you play a GWENTified match of... well, let's just say the place is called Stone's Hearth.
Well played, CDPR, well played indeed! :D
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will have to wait if there will be an official guide and/or enough time passes for all to be listed

My last battle story shortened battle of the game before the cutscenes/credits was of a group of elves fleeing to join again our most favourite elf's unit.

Of course I let them go.
The last clickable npc soldier on the aldersburg map before triggering the final cutscenes also has something of another region to say ;)
I met a guy on the Lyria map who speak by quotes from the heroes of might and magic games

He say things like:

-Astrologers proclaim the week of the badger
-All Nilfgaardian dwelling increase population
-The Shadow of Death is on Lyria. That's the price of loyalty. (Shadow of Death and Price of Loyalty are expansions for Heroes 2 and 3.)

During the fight with the Gernichora, the most memorable boss fight, the soldier who talks of the parasites references Darkest Dungeon.


There is also a dude in Aedirn, in the corner of the map, at a not-so-accessible home who has pumpkins in his front yard and references things like the "acromantula", a clear reference to Hagrid and Harry Potter :p


If you seize the print shop and decide to inform the people of Nilfgaard's crimes, there will be a crier reading out the pamphlets your men print and while they start off truthfully, they soon degenerate into the theory that Emhyr Var Emreis is a "Vran Imposter", a "Vran Doppler" famous reference to David Icke's conspiracy theory about the world being ruled by "lizardmen" :p
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what I found:
1.Vran imposter one someone said above

2.Lowland Gwent is hearthstone

3.Forgot which map, but there is an abandon cart with a loooong banner. And Meve and Reynard talked about it. Looks like a banner saga reference to me
What about the acievement for finding an easter egg? I found many of easter eggs mentioned here, but didn't get the achievement. Do you need to find them all?
What about the acievement for finding an easter egg? I found many of easter eggs mentioned here, but didn't get the achievement. Do you need to find them all?
Yes indeed. Waiting for information about this too. But I guess this contract - among others - is bugged.
- a dwarf is singing a song with the jingle bells melody (near to the hearthstone puzzle)

Aldersberg nearly at the end
- don't know if it is in all game versions, but in the german game version one citizen of the freed cities in Aldersberg (the biggest one) is singing an anthem which is nearly the original DDR anthem