[Spoilers!] Easter Eggs in Thronebreaker

I know it is not really a "Easter egg" But I like that Meve uses the same phrases for the weather as Geralt in The Witcher 3 "Looks like rain" " A storm, dammit".
And what I liked the most, was the reveal at the end who the narrator was the whole time:
Villentretenmerth aka Borch Trzy Kawki
Happy he is still out there in the witcher-gameverse :)
More of a reference than an Easter egg, but Demavend echos Bogart's famous line in Casablanca:
Speaking of the Devil (lol :p get it?), there is this awesome reference to Gaunter in Rivia. Read the notes and letters you find and you'll see. Or just read on

There is a poor soul that signed a contract with Gaunter that was supposed to be fulfilled only "when the sun shines proudly in the darkest night over Rivia" or something like that. It was met through another loophole when Nilfgaard invaded and the Golden Sun banners were erected all over the country
This year is any planning for Easter? I am waiting for this, please share something new changes and ideas about Easter?
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