[SPOILERS] The Good, the Bad and Judy.

I have about 70 hours+ into Cyberpunk 2077 and I have finished my first playthrough. I loved it. I played as a Female V and I made sure to Romance Judy. I did skip a lot of side quests and stuff to get to the ending which I am correcting with playing all the sidequest I can. With that being said, I have a question about the ending. In my ending, I was put back in my body with Alt with 6 months to live. (by that way, I love the agency involved in this game). Panam is now the head of the Aldecados and she and you are escorting the rest of the surviving clan pass the border to Tucson. You get to take Judy with you, (WHICH I wasn't expecting, but wow, so happy). You get pass and break on through to the other side. For the first time, you see your character in the third person but you snuggle with Panam and not Judy. Sure you get the message from her at the end but, why weren't you snuggling with Judy? I really felt the tenderness you experience with her during her side quest and would have loved more of that.

You could have added her as well? I was a little disappointed but I am hoping maybe fix that? or add more love/romance in the DLC? I just wanted to try to understand. I am thinking they only had one animation and that was meant to cover both V's

Also, where can I give a longer review?
Okay so, I thought it didn't make sense, but now that I replayed that scene, it actually does.

No idea how I missed this the first time, but if you pay attention, you fly the Basilisk over a lake, and that thing only has two seats, remember. Judy doesn't know how to drive it. Only you and Panam do.

So yeah, sadly, I'm out of ideas after this. :giveup:
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Okay, that makes more sense. I was like... weeping by that point. I know are on comms with Judy but I thought she was in the tank. Cool. thank you.


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Correct me if I am wrong but on either scenarios where you romance either judy or panam the animations on top of the tank is the same. I definitely do think it should be different depending on whether or not you romance panam, however you can definitely interpret panam hugging you as being either romantic or solely platonic.
I would argue that even though she when you play as a female V says she just wants to be friends (hopefully that wasn't just me) that the two of you have grown quite close and have a special friendship full of intimacy.
I've thought about this. I also think it makes sense because V and Pan would have to teach Judy how to pilot the thing. Not that our favorite techie genius couldn't figure it out but it's an intensive rig. Also just could be a logistical decision thing in production that had to be made. Working in Film myself, I could see how them getting down to the wire at the 11th hour had to make certain decisions. Production is a motherfucker let me tell you.

That being said, the final shot of V and Pan on the Basilisk I think signifies them becoming the leaders of the Aldecaldos. As lovely as it would have been to see Judy and V smooching under star and moonlight. The scene signifies a "tidal" change for the Aldecaldos, V and Pan. As you look over the lake bed it looks like an ocean, they are crossing "uncharted waters" to the new promised dawn for V.

It's classical narrative in nature that the Protagonist and their Co-Captain so to speak take in all that has happened while their loved ones are elsewhere. As Judy is driven off in another rig, which is why she's on radio.

Panam and V's lives are forever changed and they have a lot to process. They are wanted women, the clan has to recover, they have to set up a meeting with old corpo contacts within StormTech possibly, etc.

But uhh, dammit CDPR I want my Judy smooches and I want 'em NAO!
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Over 300 hours in and I'm 1,000% certain and would throw money on it that this game was written & directed for V to be female... with the male character just being tossed in to keep from being bashed by certain angry little individuals.

Panam & Valerie become best friends while handling business and both dealing together with their own struggles and loss..
Note the closeness, in the romance trigger mission, you can carry out the same rest your feet welcome to the hotel dialogue and it comes off far more natural with Valerie over the thrown in male character.. then following this at the camp fire, everyone talking about Scorpion and you throw a toast to Scorpion and then Panam toasts to Jackie...

At that end when they are together, they're best friends, they are sisters or whatever. Valerie is the friend Panam always needed and Panam takes the place of Jackie, in absence of Jackie.. but does so honorably and Jackie would've been happy for Valerie..

If you think about it also, Jackie & Panam are a lot alike. They both are kinda detached from their people, Jackie having left the Valentinos, despite still being connected.. Panam when you meet her is detached from the Aldecados though still being connected.. Jackie having lost his brothers and his mother disapproving of Misty, Panam having lost close clan members and Saul disapproving of a lot.. both out on their own and doing their own thing when Valerie's life begins to change. Despite being out on their own, family means so much to both characters.

The closeness, comfort & security provided by Panam was only ever matched before by Jackie. Valerie has always needed this.

This is why Panam being the character on the tank is the only one that makes any sense and the closeness between the two in those moments only shows that Valerie is finally ready to allow herself to be vulnerable again like she was with Jackie. After she loses Jackie, she goes around with such a guard and such an aggression an emotion and this is shown quite a bit... what has happened to her and to those around her. She's fighting so hard despite knowing that her life is ending soon and there isn't really anything she can do about it. She finally reaches a point with Panam and the Aldecados where she can can just fuckin relax and finally be surrounded with the family that she's always wanted, the family that Jackie would've been happy to see her with in her final months. She doesn't have to fight anymore, she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. She's surrounded with people who care about her, just like she she had with Jackie. The extra of bringing Judy along means so much too because now Judy, who also lost her best friend and had begun feeling detached from the Mox finally finds where she belongs as well and these people will die for her just as Valerie would.
I'm of similar mind @RecceJack , everything that Valerie has gone through. Especially Nomad lifepath. She's just has blow after blow, loss after loss. Now at the end of this part of her journey she can take it all in before the next steps she must take.
She wants to live not just for herself, but for all those she's lost and all the new love she's gained. V's earned a little moment above the waves.

Then that final shot where it all sinks in really just beautifully slow and somber but ultimately hopeful.
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