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[SPOILERS] What's your opinion on Hearts of Stone?

[SPOILERS] What's your opinion on Hearts of Stone?

Are you playing the first expansion? what are your thoughts about it?

i'm still doing side quests and exploring, been around 5 hours haven't even scratchd the surface of the surface, exploring, finding nests, new and hard monsters, finding treasures, crafting the glifs and runewords, the effects are amazing, the new environments are stunningly beautiful, looking at every detail, the new characters, the dialogs, wonderful so far...
so what you think about it?

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What should I say? I played since midnight till now straight 8 hours, didn't go to sleep and...
I just love it. Like no other game, really. It really moves with my soul. No, but really, this isn't game anymore, this is true art.
Can't praise it more.
I love the Witcher 1 references and atmosphere. I though vanilla game had the Witcher 1 atmosphere but HoS eeems to even overcome it.
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I love the runewords they added, Brings some serious changed to builds. That +1.1 Meter range on Whirl and +1.9 Meter range on Smite....hnghh


I've been playing for...let's see, 6 hours now? Haven't even advanced the main quest much beyond the first stage. I love how understated CDPR can be with regards to estimated play time. I think they said the main game was like 50 hours. I clocked in well over 200 and still didn't do everything. They say this expansion is 10 hours so I'm expecting at least 50.

Anyway in just those few hours I've played I've encountered brutal heartbreaking dramas, hilarious Easter eggs (won't spoil it), new enemies, challenging battles, fascinating foreign cultures, and of course CDPR's new signature specialty; living breathing stinking endearing pitiful communities. Again, all side quests...some just stumbled upon.

For 10 bucks. I already feel guilty for only paying that much.
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Just finished a 5 or 6 hours session, extremely impressed with it so far, I played mostly the main quest, once I started it I just couldn't stop, it's a real delight!


9 hours since midnight. Now I'm going to sleep. I'm tired but pleased.

Very good characters and dialogs. A bit disappointed by the treatment the Order (this is a bit easy) got though, but nothing major.
Some scenes are absolutely brilliant. Facial animations, "cinematography", amazing. Great story, good humor. A must have. I love the new characters a lot. I love the variety of the situations.
I adore the first dialog with the enchanter. He really felt like a "person" and not a character. Animations, voice acting, writing... perfect.

Now to sleep


I adore the first dialog with the enchanter. He really felt like a "person" and not a character. Animations, voice acting, writing... perfect.
I have to agree on the enchanter, and on the Ofieri merchant next to him. The warming feel of getting to know other culture through friendly outsiders has been captured perfectly, up to a point that I forgot it's a game for a brief moment. Outstanding!

My worst fear regarding the expansion was that it's just going to be long quest chain with few side quest branching off it, with little to none hidden side content. Every of the few hours I already spent with HoS proved there was nothing to fear. It very well deserves the word "expansion".

And if this is so great, I already cannot wait for Blood and Wine.


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Does it add any encounters/monsters outside the DLC? Really love what they did with spider AI, when they all swarm you after trapping you in a web.


I only played for 3 hours lasts night but loving it so far, I don't want to rush it so only did one Quest then went on tour just to see the sights & got Geralt some fancy new threads but was forced to put it down because I was working. Got a feeling I'm going to be late for work everyday this week.


It's great to be back! Only scratched the surface but already sucked in Great to see new trophies as well. Will have to see if the new Ofeiri armour/swords are better than my Master Wolf gear! Can't wait to get back into Gwent and build a 187 strength deck :D


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I've just played for 3 hours after work, it looks promising. Some of the characters look nasty and the story is interesting.
Shani looks different. Still processing a myriad of impressions.

I feel like CDPR's writing team's broken out of their cage with this one, different tone and approach to everything.

I like it so far. I'm hoping to be blasted away.


I love it. Indeed it may be 10 hours if one plays Just the Story and rush the main quest only. On DM, an OCD explorer may really take a lot more than that. I have games that are shorter than what HoS promises to be for me and it's a brilliant add on to a masterpiece game.


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A few steps up in difficulty to the main game, I'm playing on Deathmarch. I'm finding boss battles challenging and varied, as are bandits and the wildlife. It's forcing me to pull out all the stops, utilize potions, bombs, oils, signs, and still only scrape through on many occasions.

Love it!

From the few hours I have played the main and side quests are just fantastic, well told, great dialogue and engrossing.

This could have almost been a standalone AAA game, really well done.

Well done to the CDPR team for producing another incredible experience.


Indeed a masterpiece!
new ennemies are great
landscape are amazing bringing back the spirit of previous opus, like Erde who kinda remind me of Flotsam
so many new possibilities with the enchanting system
already 8h and i don't even scratch the surface yet
coffee's ready time to go discover some more :)


I played for some time in HoS, and I love it, Glass Man is like O.W. Grant from my favorite movie Interstate 60.


This could have almost been a standalone AAA game, really well done.

Well done to the CDPR team for producing another incredible experience.
Too many games arounf are so called AAA nowadays and they aren't as good, maybe this mark the avenement of the 4K A! :p