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MrSnoot said:
Amazon Germany (and some other stores) says the game will be release on 25th of September :'(
many webstores I've checked have had obscure release dates stated for ages. Your best bet is your nearest gamestore tbh!
As you can read on a german game news page ( Atari as the publisher has postponed the release of The Witcher EE one week to September 25th. So, as an effect, will we tomorrow NOT be able to download the patch/content/whatever because the Atari guys are just "lazy" to release it tomorrow? What could be the problem, it obviously has been shipped in the US. Could someone clarify this matter? I was looking forward to a long witcher weekend...
MrSnoot said:
Amazon Germany (and some other stores) says the game will be release on 25th of September :'(
Well, I hope in my town in Syberia it will be (if I'm lucky) before October comes :( But not erlier than 25th September too.
English one has NOT been delayed, my copy from is already 'packing' (and out of stock btw). (where it is/was 'only' 24€ :wall:) already shipped them too because it is on 're-stocking' status in their page..... :wave: :wave: :wave:EDIT: One question, WHAT protection the European version uses? I hope the same it already did.....
Ok so where is the download link...its 1/3 to 19th now... and I 1)Cant wait 2)Am going to school and hope I will find it on the website since i dont wanna use my home dwl Quota hehe
We still have summertime, are GMT+2. That is with GMT 1 clock A.M. is with us already 3 o'clock in the morning :wave:
Well, it's 22:53 GMT right now (summer time still), so... it's basically round the corner ;)Gonna play Mass Effect and abuse a bit more this bottle of whisky and see what happens :evil:
Hehe, only 6PM in North america. I got the whole night in front of me. ;DPS: Right now is past midnight in Poland.I don't think one second the download will be available right away. It.ll probably pop up anytime tomorrow at day time in Poland, which means in about 8 hours.
I was hoping to leave the patch downloading while I went to sleep...But I guess I'll have to check out tomorrow again. :wave: I hope the download servers are not choked by then... :-\
9AM in Poland... shit, that's 3AM here. Guess I'm fucked. :mad:I'll have to wait tomorrow after work. Hope the servers will still be up... which I doubt seriously.
I bought the original here in North America when it first came out - bought the novel too! Then I bought the uncensored European English version. Even better. Although I have the European version registered here with the site and I k now I can download the update, I just have to get the Enhanced Version new all over again. Is the enhanced North American version still censored and different from the European version?
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