Steam Game Ver. Rollback

Here's how to save yourself from the dumpster fire that is Game Ver 2.01 if you're using Steam on PC. Using Epic? Well, you're SoL as far as I know.

1. Windows Key + R, type "steam://open/console" WITHOUT THE QUOTES into the run prompt then hit Enter. This is game ver 2.0, you can rollback to ver 1.63 through the Beta Branch CDPR has on offer already if you so wish, but no more PL or monster truck if you do that.

2. Now you're in the Steam Console; Type "download_depot 1091500 1091501 1799993379545736809" WITHOUT THE QUOTES then hit Enter.

3. Wait for the depot to download; Steam will not tell you anything, it will not meter depot downstream activity, it will say nothing until the download is complete. It's downloading the entire game as it was released, leave it be until it is done.

4. Steam console should provide a file path to where the depot was saved on your disk, but it should be here "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\content\app_1091500\depot_1091501"

5. BEFORE moving this data be sure to clear your r6/cache/modded folder first IF you're running a modded game. With that done - HIGHLIGHT EVERYTHING in the depot folder; CTRL+A then CTRL+X - navigate to your Cyberpunk 2077 installation folder then CTRL+V. Confirm overwrite.

6. Put Steam into offline mode so this doesn't happen again. If you have to play another game online, be sure auto-updates for 2077 are disabled and don't bother with the game while Steam is online. Just don't.

Bad update.
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