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Stefan Skellen and Commander's Horn bug

Just had him not replay Commander's Horn, quite annoying

Opponent passed, Horn was my last card, Leaders were Crach and Usurper, Horn was in graveyard after I just used it
This happened to me too, though with garrison.
Was not an Arena game, did everything right etc...
IIRC I used his ability, which doesn't even show up as green unless you use a tactic card that turn, there was that sound thing when you spawn a card to play just there was no card.

Only happened the one time though, I forgot what else there was.
It happened to me too once. I had two Skellens on board ( I copied the one with Letho: Kingslayer). I played Coehoorn into Garrison, then I used one Skellen to replay Garrison and used it to buff my second Skellen. But right after I buffed him, his order disappeared and I couldn't use it to replay Garrison a third time. It cost me the game too.

I keep thinking that the act of buffing him glitched out his order somehow.