[SUGGESTION] - Edgerunner Perk Chances Redesign

The Edgerunner perk which allows V a chance to go psycho for a short time while they are above the cyberware safety limit is quite flawed and could seriously do a tiny redesign, because;
  • Any time the player levels up, the perk's chances to trigger actually go down
  • Because of this the player then either ends up having less and less chance to trigger the perk's Fury mode
  • Or they end up having to play an annoying min-maxing capacity catch-up with it to ensure they gain that terribly tiny 5% chance to trigger it by putting on more costly cyberware which they may not even need or want to use
Why does everything in 2.0 have to be so pointlessly hindering the player whenever they level up...

A much better and consistent way for this perk to work would be to simply provide a 0.25% chance for every piece of cyberware currently installed.

This way the player would still benefit from;
  • Exceeding their cyberware capacity
  • Be able to consistently keep that tiny chance to trigger it
  • And wouldn't have to annoyingly play that constant cyberware capacity catch-up any time the player levels up.
Leveling up should simply not be gimping a character, especially an Ultimate perk which requires an Attribute at a maximum 20.

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With all the annoying emp grenade noises going off during mine I'm happy when it doesn't trigger. I considered phasing it out myself. Free perk point when I don't need it anymore. I don't need to play as Taser Face.
I agree. There should be some way to turn of getting more cyberware capacity so Edgerunners would actually work.
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