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Suggestion: The Perfect Fix For Coral

Recently I have suggested that Coral should either lose her Zeal or One Discard on deploy and another as Order. Both of these would immediately kill her. My biggest issue with her is her additional support on having high risk 4P special cards which no one else can dare to use and gain value out of it when discarding/thinning it when found that those cards will be useless. This is just ridiculous flexibility for a card which helps in thinning two cards.

So, my new and final proposal is (and I believe that it is near perfect and best):
Coral - 4 Power - 9 Provisions - Zeal - Order: Discard a card and draw a card. 2 Charges. If Coral is discarding a Gold card, deal 2 damage to a random enemy.

Her ability is basically the same except that she doesn't support and benefit from extremely conditional 4P specials but rather synergize with Morgvag, Jutta, Cerys. Even if she didn't get to discard a Gold card, she still gets two thin to cards on deploy.

Does this sound good?
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I'm new and I don't think SK's discard mechanic is OP, but this change would be really good and would nerf her just to the right spot. YOU FOUND THE SWEET SPOT.
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Are you kidding me? you said perfect suggestion to that? dude that's a buff, not a nerf. You are doing a much better version of Birna with your suggestion, so thanks no.

You must discard special cards to deal damage. Sorry but your suggestion is very bad.
How it is a buff? Bran deck has some utility special cards that can be useful (spores) and in Team Aretuza Snapshot7 they have 5 such cards. Name me 5 golds that can be discarded and will work. I find Ciri: nova (very conditional, for rund 1 only), Morkvang, Cerys and Jutta. This means you have less chance to actually discard one. Also the whole package is a lot more expensive in terms of provisions.
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Reverse order on the grammar, and as well I agree with what you have given nothing to add, it is a decent change.
When you typing in a rage and at 80+ WPM, your fingers sometimes overtake your brain's orders. :cool:
Increase her provision cost from 9 to 10 minimum and we'll see...

She has the same ability as Birna but the difference is that Coral can deal a lot of damage.

And if you discard more special cards later with Birna, Heymaey Skald or even Bran she will deal more damage. That's op for me, so raise her provision cost yes or yes.
Coral is super strong too, but Birna's advantage is to draw before you discard. So if you draw two shitty cards, discard them and you're not punished. Coral and other discards, you have to discard first, so you can pick up something worse.

That said, Coral is indeed already strong by herself and synergize really well with other discard cards. Increasing 1 provision sounds good. I also like the 1 discard on deploy and one on order. Or just go back to her not having zeal... She was good like that.
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When you're-you- typing in a rage and at 80+ WPM, your fingers sometimes overtake your brain's ability to analyse brain's orders-??-.:cool:
I thoroughly understand. However, few additional mistakes made, and it is okay, as if you are still trying to practice typing without any errors then I would personally keep to the level speed that you're comfortable in, 30 WPM is a good moderate speed or 40 WPM if you type a little faster below that.

Although, the average of today's generation would be 35-45 WPM so when you see improvement in your typing skills then you would be in the range of 75-95 WPM, the professional standard anywhere above that to about 120 WPM would be exceptional.
Remove her zeal mechanic and leave her as she is. I'll be ok with that. Or like some other cards, give her some extra requirement to gain the zeal tag.

I don't understand why Skellige, the faction with the most valuable and expensive advantage which is the extra thinning, gets such a strong engine with a zeal tag and guaranteed points / provisions cost value, when every other faction is struggling to keep an engine with orders alive for just a single turn.
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Originally, she had 3 charges and no Zeal and no one played her.
If she's changed to the version which was orders only and no one plays her, I won't miss her. IMO, having zeal without requirements is broken op for her ability.
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