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Suggestions Guidelines.

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Suggestions Guidelines.

Welcome to the Suggestions sub-forum!

Here you may post your ideas for new cards, balancing recommendations, UI adjustments, and any other suggestions you can imagine for Gwent.

This is not, however, the correct section in which to seek advice or help with specific cards, deck builds, or tactics. Such information may be requested and found in the TACTICIAN'S CORNER and its faction-specific sub-forums.

Although posting in this sub-forum gives you the opportunity to see what others think of your suggestions, the most direct method to send your ideas to CD Projekt RED is by submitting a ticket under 'Gameplay > Give feedback' to their official Gwent Support. However, the game's developers also read the Forums -- although they cannot reply to each and every post.

In order to help the developers and the moderators better track individual suggestions in this sub-forum, please, try to avoid posting long lists of different ideas in a single topic. Separate topics for each idea are preferred. To see whether your suggestion has been posted before, please, have a look around, or use the Advanced Search function to locate previous topics. If someone has made a similar, or identical, suggestion before, the moderators may merge new iterations of this idea with a pre-existing topic.

If you like an existing suggestion, feel free to post your support in its topic. If you disapprove, or disagree with an idea, you may also say so; however, please, remember to be polite, and respect those who suggested it.

Thank you, and have fun!

~The moderators.
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