[Suggestions] List of features to Add/ Improve/ Expected/ Missing. Feel free to add your own.

I'd like to see a revision of fashion and cyberware/bodysculpting in DLC or updates moving forward.
Some proposals for how I'd do it if design were my problem to solve:

Bodysculpting: More options in initial character creation, focusing on more granularity in each step of customisation. Sliders for height, weight, etc, and sliders to morph each facial feature. Iris and Sclera colour in eyes as separate layers, with more options for both, and some glowing options/highlights on each layer. Glow colour picker as well. More makeup textures and colours, and more freedom in tattoo design.
During game progression, having access to bodysculpting clinics to adjust the starting look, and adding access to luminous tattoos, tech-hair, bodyplating/synthskin, and possibly one clinic that can be talked into exotic bodysculpts.

Cyberware: Having the option to customise the look of the cyberware we have, either at ripperdocs or at a fashionware clinic. I'd suggest a colour/texture picker for external plating (default is realskinn) and picker for the internals and seams, (default appears to be like a carbon fiber.) Options to go full chrome, various bright colours, like automotive paintjobs, and some luminous or even animated surfaces possible (high street cred, perhaps?)
Additionally, for those who don't want the option of realskinn, some different structural forms, like an armoured geometric build, or a skeletonised lightweight design, for example. Also, cyberleg upgrades being more visible on our character, like the arms are, with options to hide the boots (implied that the armour in the boots is installed directly to the leg plating) for less organic designs, at player discretion.

Fashion: Clothing lineup being randomised is passable, but give us the option to look at a catalogue, and order something from the full selection that vendor sells (choosing base/outer/inner as per crafting suggestion below), and have it guaranteed to appear on the next refresh, balanced by inflated price for special order.
As for the clothing itself, the item descriptions are usually presented in the format of [*aesthetic outer* *clothing type* with *armoured inner*]. I'd propose that outer layer availability is dependent on street cred, and inner layer is dependent on level/attributes, and the clothing inherits the highest rarity of the outer appearance or inner weave.
Also, when crafting clothing, the process is that of choosing the base, outer and inner layers to make a custom piece, or upgrading the layers of an existing piece. There should also be an option to recolour or reskin our gear in the crafting space.

Vehicles: An extension of our character expression, and there is evidence of customisation options to aesthetics, from paints to underbody lighting on NPC vehicles, so having a garage to access and customise the aesthetic of our vehicles should be an option. Personally, I'd like to see customisation options as diverse as the need for speed underground games, with the garage being and homage to that series and the "neon night" aesthetic the early NFS:U games and cyberpunk share. Performance tuning of the cars would be cool, but presumable a lot more work. If performance tuning were an option, armouring and arming our vehicles should be options as well. After all, some NPCs have done the same with their rides.
Stealth shouldn't be that powerful, alerted enemies (see a dead body) should attack the instant they see you.

Although the problem in quickhacks is even worse. It can be easy with video cameras or objects but it should not be with NPCs because they are supposed to have some important protection (firewall, antivirus ...).
I don't know how they will solve it in a multiplayer mode.
Well, I'm not talking about glitches and bugs here because they're fixing it - what I really care about is the way the game presents its lore and deals with characters.

The gangs should play a more prominent role and it's important to add side quests that tell you a story of every gang. Also it's important to properly present the main conflicts in their areas, because right now I don't care about entering one - they are just the same for me, with just different design.

Fixers need more attention since they present the areas and its problems to you. Through them you may learn about the main conflicts and the balance between the gangs, police and corps.

All blue signs on the map should have a more interesting start: for example, instead of a lady cop telling you about all the bad stuff this npc made (which is boring) you can make V intercept citizens' calls to police asking for help. Yes, it might break the immersion since you can come back any time after receiving the call, but it's more emotional to help a person - especially if the police is saying that there's no free cops to get there - which leaves the gamer realising that they're the only one who can help.

hello, i read quite a few posts, a lot of great ideas which are sometimes trivial things, but details that accumulate make the game better.

However, I haven't seen a proposal for something that bothers me (or the subject is partially addressed). Indeed, I would like to have more dynamic events in the game. I find it rather ridiculus (sorry) that cyberpsychos manifest in closed areas, gang events manifest in closed areas, that no civilian is able to defend themselves, another thing that was mentioned: the police that is useless.

Understand me, I would like to wander the streets of Nightcity and a pick pocket tries to rob me, a madman starts shooting people, that there is a chase between a gang and the police...

And all of this without a blue marker or anything please.
For some things the game has to be realistic (no 3rd person and I agree), but for others it is a bit of a shame. I mean, when there is an event, is it realistic to have a blue marker on a map? is it realistic that the event is confined to an enclosed and well-defined place? finally, without side quests and these closed events, Nightcity seems rather empty unfortunately

I believe that even with details of immersions mentionned by players, without a dynamic and immersive programming of the events encountered in game, it will remain uninteresting to walk in Nightcity without mission.

I love this game and hope it will be better.

I'm sorry for bad English (google trad),
V, 71h time play, lvl 50, all missions finished (almost)
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Fixes that shall be added / made:

-optimization (for all rigs and platforms)
-the issue of bugs in general gameplay
-minimap being too small
-remake weapon well
-police during gang takedowns
-police's wanted system
-beat the brat balance
-vehicles exploding in 2 hits
-random insta-deaths
-multiple dialogs at once
-change vehicle handling
-dying to one hit
-remove hints on locations
-characters not spawning
-improve crafting
-relic malfunction effect wont stop
-hitboxes and hit detection
-easy police escapes
-npcs shooting you if too close
-fix mantis execution animation
-fix camera noticing you through wall
-fix police not chasing you

-map being too red
-map switching when fast-travelling
-broken camera changing while driving
-inventory reloading when selling
-enemies holding weapons during cutscenes
-cars spawning out of nowhere
-weather changing out of nowhere
-loading screen won't load
-weapons falling through the map
-carried person dying after being dropped
-car flying away when another's called
-losing items randomly
-objective marker showing a wrong place
-calls during a gunfight
-calls for every single event in city
-an ability to cancel/refuse calls
-new way to purchase cars
-camera stuck in photo mode
-character's lips not moving
-some sounds missing (like glass cracking)
-water effects missing (bullets heating water)

-more cyberware
-more races
-an option to swap stats between clothes
-an ability to show off specific items in our apartment
-an ability to change make-up
-an ability to change haircuts
-an ability to recolor vehicles
-an ability to sell multiple items at once
-an ability to actually eat in a restaurant
-an ability to play braindances
-an ability to call a companion for random shootouts
-an ability to call characters for a drink
-any sort of side activity (like theater, bowling, etc.)
-a functional mobile phone

𝗠𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗮𝗱𝗱:
-𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝗝𝘂𝗱𝘆
and more Panam <3
Hi team CDP, really love the game, irregardless the bugs and negative comments.

As a fan, I would love you to improve the overall gaming mechanics by making it more "realistic" when shooting at objects and people. Things such as explosions must also be improved and made more realistic when blowing up things.

I have therefore come along a video from a channel commenting on the overall mechanics that you may find useful in the link below and that may help to improve some bugs and make the overall gameplay experience more realistic.

Please don't see this as a negative, as we all as true and loyal fans just want to help you make the game experience the best possible by giving you constructive feedback.

Please make more buildings accessable and less static. Right now the city looks more like a very nice looking collection of toy blocks.

And allow more interaction with npc´s on the street then only "speak to" and get a random line in return.

Oh and additional to the music suggestion, add in game music from radios, television or street musicans or whatever seperated from battle- or ambient music to the audio settings. I dont want to hear battle music in a game. Music that has no real source in a game breaks the immersion but i dont want to disable music from ghettoblasters and dance clubs together with the battle music.
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Steam user here.

Well, I wanted to make a proper thread, but apparently I can't till I get 10 posts? So, it goes here.

General suggestions/feedback.

  • "Double-tap to dodge" is extremely sensitive and triggers during normal movement on PC. It frequently breaks sneaking, and makes character bump npcs while walking on the street. NPCs perceive this as an attack and accidental double-tap results in a police response. Would be nice to have a dedicated dodge key instead of this.
  • Acquiring blueprints for anything is incredibly annoying. I have two characters that invested crafting points, and in 70 hours I was unable to find blueprint for any item I actually would want to use. Melee weapon blueprints do not exist aside from black unicorn blueprint, no blueprints for bats, wrenches, iron pipes, or anything. Same with clothes. Random blueprints system is awful.
  • Known weapon crafting specs should be marked as known on vendor screen. So you won't end up buying them twice.
  • V needs a closet for clothes in the apartment. I spent 40 hours carrying around 200 kg of clothes, because there was no convenient way to sort through all of them. Basically, would be nice to be able to stash your clothes and then, while you're in your apartment, to be able to equip items directly from your stash.
  • Speaking of which, menu needs more filter categories. There needs to be a separate tab for each type of clothes, separate tab for VALUABLES (expensive junk items), and separate tab for crafting components.
  • Breaking down stacks of items and selling stacks of items takes too long, because you sell one stack at a time, and when you do, entire inventory screen refrehses, which takes close to a second. If there's a ton of time in the inventory, then selling/dismantling takes forever.
  • I'm still not sure why developers are in arms against 3rd person view. While it makes sense to force 1st person perspective in cutscenes and areas with low ceiling, the game appears to be 3rd person ready. As the character has a body and it is fully animated. Basically, you'd only need to move the camera outside of user's head.
  • Damage/armor/upgrade mechanics are quite baffling. You start the game, find an iron pipe with 60 damage, then you find legendary iron pipe with 240 damage, and then you notice the stores start selling a COMMON iron pipe that deals.... 800 damage. At the same time one upgrade attempt boosts stats by 7 points or so, and upgrade cost increases every time, meaning you can't exactly keep upgrading your starter weapon forever. This doesn't make any sense, and feels like an incredibly artificial gating mechanism. A same pistol type, no matter how well it is made shouldn't be able to deal 50 times more damage than a base model.
  • There needs to be a way to favorite weapons which would prevent user from accidentally scrapping them. Basically, when you acquire 50 guns after a shootout and start breaking them down, it is possible to accidentally destroy a gun you wanted to keep in the process.
  • There needs to be a way to re-aquire iconic weapon you accidentally destroyed. In-game description implies that if you scrap a weapon, you'll be able to rebuild it, but that only one such item can exist at a time. In practice, once you've scrapped an iconic weapon, it is gone forever.
  • Where are AI driven cars? In the beginning, you ride a delamain, and later you have access to an ai-controlled vehicle. However, you can't sit on passenger seat and let AI do the driving. Why? It would make a lot of sense and is not incredibly difficult to implement.
  • Why aren't street vendor's interactive? There are tons of street stalls, and you can't buy anything from them.
  • There's no quick key to equip fists when you have claws installed. I believe that it would make sense if "melee/unarmed" button would cycle between fists and melee weapons when pressed.
  • There's no quick key to holster weapon! Hiding it through "alt" menu is time consuming. I believe that it would make sense if holding Reload key would holster weapon.
  • "Alt" menu is awful on PC when used with mouse.
  • There doesn't seem to be a way to upgrade cyberware, meaning boost its damage. My current character has a rocket arm, and the blast deals measly 230 damage to enemies. However, a stun baton deals 800. I also haven't found any different projectiles. The situation is similar with mantis blades and gorilla arms, where damage they deal seems to be way lower than what you get with weapons.
  • It should be possible to save character appearance as a preset or a text string. That would allow users to exchange appearances or reuse on subsequent playthrough. To the date, the only game that actually did that is Mass Effect 1, but the feature is extremely convenient and it would be great to have it.
One more thing.

The behavior of CDPR regarding nudity is extremely disturbing and upsetting. Steam users report that there's ongoing slow removal of nudity from every advert (which may or may not be true), and having an equivalent of skyrim's "god of underwear" (nevernude pants, even with nudity filter disabled) is extremely strange.

CDPR is famous for handling nudity and sexuality in an adult manner, without kids gloves. That was one of the reasons why witcher series were popular, because of the "well, sex and nudity are part of life, no big deal" attitude. Which was incredibly refreshing, because most of the time western games are afraid to deal with that aspect of life, or treat sex and nudity as a reward. That was one of the reasons why Witcher was different compared to everything else. In Cyberpunk, players were promised pretty much a "city of sin", but the city in its current state is almost puritanian, and suddenly a community manager claims that "nevernude pants" are not a bug(!). If it is not a bug, it is a bad decision, then, one that should be rectified.

If you're facing issues with consoles (even though consoles have Conan Exiles which allows full frontal nudity), then at least would be nice to have a patch to bring back original content to PC. Because if current trend continues the studio might lose all the reputation it built and become another faceless EA. I personally wouldn't want that to happen, because witcher games were sort of ray of hope in the sea of hypocrisy and pandering.

The reason why I brought nudity up is because I was mostly enjoying the game until realizing that this issue is a thing. Then I realized that I'm not happy that this issue exists.

And that would be all. I hope the game will be improved in time.
I would love to see full nudity period.
I would love if CDPR unlocked brazilian portuguese to europe so portuguese from Portugal (europe) could benefit from the translated game.
I think clothing should be handled similar to GTA / Saints Row. While it sounds out of place for an RPG, hear me out.
Every clothing store already has their unique styles, I think it'd be a lot more convenient if every piece of clothing was always up for sale! Sorted by Outer, Shirts, Pants, etc.
On top of that, I think each piece should be available at all rarities, maybe put a Street Cred requirement for all the higher rarities. This way, we don't have to constantly refresh 24 hours to get what we want. On top of that: there are several stores that actually lost half of their stock after the first time you talk to them. So this would get rid of that issue, since there wouldn't be any need to refresh the inventory.
Alternate looks to the game, such as seen in the 2019 deep dive video, its a very cool Blade runner type looking deal, and would pay big bucks just to have that whole alternate look, with the UI.
I have read something like 7 pages of this thread so far. I'll make a little recap of the stuff with a little bit of my own.

Love Interest.

* Want to meet our LI again.
* Possibility of having some dates. To eat, play or more.
* More people. More choices. Being able to say you have already someone in your life.
* Living together. Or even fighting together.


* Craft more than one at a time.
* Put some limit so you can't craft more than you can carry (ammunition for exemple).
* Put some color of your choice.
* Have a preview of the item (cloths or weapon).
* Giving name to our stuff.
* For RP, being able to craft at certain location. Never heard of somebody being able to build a sniper rifle in the middle of a street.
* If V has the blueprint of a weapon, you must not be able to buy it again. Pretty please...
* When we make an upgrade, say it. We have "+1 weapons" or "master weapon" for decades in games.
* Being able to make blueprints of our stuff when we scrap it at a high level of skill?


* Use folders to separate items in our inventory.
* Protect the important item from dismantling.
* Why don't we have access to our deamons and prog in inventorty outside of shops?
* Want to look at our stuff with a 3D model.


* More choices. Only ONE type of eye? Seriously?
* If player want, make the cyberware apparent. Chose color.
* Clunky and apparent ware or fully integrated one? Leave the choice to the player.
* Plastic chirurgy at the ripperdoc.
* Being able to run faster, swim faster, less recoil, look in the dark, seing warmth... so much possibilities but nothing in the game. Just look at Shadowrun, pretty please...
* I know it is against the main story to became a murderous psycho in a killing spree but... perhaps a limit in the amount of cyberware related to the Body score?
* Let us have more info on the UI. Want to have the meteo, heath, wind, local info like a traffic accident, etc... Basically, V smartphone is in his/her head, so why not.


* V must be tired after so much running. So perhaps needing a nap in his house or in a hotel. Or even hungry or thirsty? Can be a separate mode or on harder difficulties.
* Some people may visit V in his room.
* Being able to put underware, and choose them.
* Using the shower to be clean after roaming in the badlands and the back alleys.
* Not a automatic and free repair for your cars. Even better, being able to change them (color, stats, even put a weapon on it.
* People must react on our weapons and clothes. Must be in great clothes in corpo area for example. Perhaps even giving bonus in stealth.
* Heavy weaponry like assault rifle, sniper rifle and shotgun must be labelled impossible to hide. People must react on it sight if you have it in your inventory, especially cops. Will give great use of the car's inventory space. Just imagine, before a mission you go to your car to equip your more lethal stuff and after it you use it again to hide the more visible loot. Pure RP.
* Having more houses and upgrading them. Or even only changing their look. An ice-cold corpo one, an stuffy nomad one...
* Let us have some interactions with the maxtac and trauma center. Like, working with them. Having a TT contract to have some buff or debuff after a game over.
* Being able to use taxis.
* To let the car drive herself to destination. Giving the possibility to shoot through the window even if you are alone. Now that I think about it, outside some scripted part, there are no car chase. Sad...


* Having some specialized shops. For snipers or revolvers only for example.
* A lot of food stall but not a lot where you can buy.
* RP : seeing V sit down and eat or drink outside the cinematic parts.
* Changing hearstyle, beardstyle, nails color, tatoos... Lot of different shops.
* Must be able to see if you have an item and how many of it. Seriously, you have that in the early Final Fantasy and we are in 2021 now...
* Seeing cloths on your V before you buy them. And being able to choose color and/or texture.
* Brain Dance shops. We meet one during the main quest, so why can't we do it again?
* Female V : Why did her breast shrink when she put on some cloths? It is a serious question.


* Cop AI is bad. Lots of works, won't say more...
* Civilians tends to panic a lot at V actions. Just park our car can begin an uproar.
* Traffic not really smooth. Other cars must be able to dodge a little obstacle.
* Cop spawning magically in an totally isolated place where crime is commited is immersion breaking. To not say silly.

Game Balance in general.

* To have different reputations in gangs, cops, corpo... Want to see different reactions. Shoot on sight or be happy to see V.
* Weapons damages are all over the place. Soon, gorilla arms do a tenth of the damage a blunt stick can made.
* We have different weapons with different rarety. But why an early game epic weapon is crap after a few hours of game when you found a normal version of the same weapon?
* Hard to keep your favorite clothes. The best gear is often ugly.
* Why have regular cloths an armor value? give us normal cloths in shops with normal price and let us upgrade it by putting kevlar inside. Must find armored cloths only in weapon shop or in a special shop (armored tuxedos? I'm Q and I made that all the time...)
* Civilian and cops don't have loot. Why?

Well, it is all for now.

The guy from the OP is free to take what I wrote. I'll try to update this post if I think of something else.
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The story and interactions with Johnny Silverhand are probably the best part of this game. Theres a very solid skeleton for what could be a perfect game but bugs aside, it seems like many, many things were either stripped down to rush it out or where just slapped together last minute. While I feel a lot of things can be patched or improved by DLC there's a few things that definitely need rework but may be too late to fix.. Here's a few ideas from someone with 150+ hours of playtime and from discussing the game with others.

Character Customization- The character creation is extremely limited. Normally that wouldn't pose a problem but the fact that in this high tech living city there are no barber shops, tattoo parlers, cosmetic surgery is a travesty. Any of those shops would add more customization without having to rework the Character Creator! Stores and vendors should have a fitting room and it would be easy to just dump additional fashion items and tattoos with DLCs or Expansion packs. You can even make seasonal or limited edition items that pop up after missions or events.

Cyber Mods- The whole system is a bust. For the most part they just affect status points and the only visual changes on your character are the arms and hands. In a city all about Cyberware this just feels like an insult. All these mods should have some sort of visual cue. Whether its something as basic as additional seems throughout the body or big visual changes. Even cosmetic cyberware would be a plus. Many rippers even comment on suggestions when prompted but none of these things are available. The Alderado Ripper mentions stealth camo skin and built in respirators as an example. Of course they don't exist. Half the regular npcs in Night City look amazing and V just looks like a regular person. Even upgrading the Kiroshi optics should at least affect your UI or at least start with only being able to mark and track three people and the better optics let's that number increase. The Weapon Cyberware is very disappointing. Its just another weapon slot. Here I was thinking maybe at least you'd get like a change in stealth takedowns with these new bad ass mods but it just alerts everyone... Imagine a stealth kill with the nanowire where you garrote a guys head off, or with the gorilla arms you just snap a guys neck like popping a twist cap off a bottle, even a non lethal take down where you just bop them unconscious! Even the signature mantis blades stabbing through a guy from behind or just slashing a guys throat.... Anyway, I think alot of this can easily be retooled as DLC. Also when going to ripper doc it comes off as just another menu screen. It would be more immersive if you actually sat in the chair and chose something and then woke up after the surgery. Even have some time pass.

Inventory- The inventory/loot system is another horrible disappointment. It feels like this was rushed. Turning the game into a looter shooter makes it annoying. I finish a mission and then have to spend 10 mins selling and breaking down a dozen guns and countless random fashion and miscellaneous garbage. This type of loot system has been done to death and horribly dated. This is pulled straight out of Elder Scrolls and they still did it better! Now I know this might be impossible, but even just locking down enemy weapons with biolocks so you can't use them and with a higher net runner perk or skill you can use them with whatever ammo they have left would be dope. Then you can brake them down for components or drag them a few at a time to your trunk to sell at some black market trader or leave them for the cops to collect. As is, enemies taken down with a bounty you collect money for, so how about rewards for the weapons collected at the scene? Maybe like 40% their worth and then you do a mission for the police and it boosts the reward rate. As for the player weapons limit them severely. Like have only the unique weapons acquirable. Either through the gun stores or mission rewards or finding them. Instead of just upgrading the weapons make them modular. You replace and upgrade pieces of them. The components you find by breaking down enemy weapons are the items you need to upgrade and replace parts. As the guns and swords are customized they change visually. Like upgraded barrels, screws, grips, blades, etc. You can even add cosmetics to the weapons. Mods would fit into specific components. It would give the player a much more intimate relation with their weapons. You can have this done at gun shops for money or with a high enough technical skill you can do it yourself but there's a chance it may not come out right. Even upgrading the AI on smart guns for more accuracy or specific arcs when fired... Currently, almost every weapon is basically a throw away. You're just looking for slightly better points and then you'll just sell or break down.

Clothing- Clothing doesn't make any sense in this game!!! First theres no consistency in the stores. You'd expect high fashion items from boutiques and basic wear from fleamarkets and street vendors. But clothing feels completely randomized as to what to expect. Someone sells a cool jacket in one store in blue? Well you got to go across town for some pink ones, and then go to a fleamarket for the green ones... its just so random! I'd rather one store has all of that type of jacket in denim, and go somewhere else if you want leather, and a different place for synthetic fabric. Also, how the stats work are a crap shoot. A t-shirt has higher defense than Arasaka bulletproof vests? A fabric overall is more rugged than a leather trench coat? Glasses are better than a helmet? It would be easier to have all the under clothing to just be cosmetic and outerwear to have slots for armor plating, that way you can keep the fashion wear you like. Or just have vanity slots to keep your character looking one way while wearing ridiculous combos of gear.

AI- I'm sure this is on many of the other lists, but the AI in general is substandard. Police either come at you out of nowhere or pedestrians dodge by jumping at your car causing the police to come at you. Enemy AI just charges at you instead of sneaking around and netrunners should be more stealthy like staying back and hiding or working to take back hacks to cameras and turrets you've done. I have to play super stealthy just for the challenge. Running and gunning is just too easy.

Driving- This is easy, just add a hand brake to drift. Plus have the GPS map zoom out when driving!!! This is a must!! Half the time you have a split second to make a turn!

To whomever reads this thanks for taking the time I know this discussion board probably just keeps growing!!!
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****I'm adding my post to this because I know its going to get buried and forgotten in the forum. I trust people in this topic actually use forums, make a difference, and use this thread. I rarely even get this involved so here it is:

I would also title this "Game Progression Flow"

TL;DR in B/U


I think I was street cred 40 after doing everything in Watson area before Act 2. After finishing up most of the side quest/gig and NCPD calls besides city center I hit max level. I maxed street cred right after Act 2. Which I haven't even really touched the main story missions. Now there's very little progression for me at all to achieve. What I can say is my highest skill is only level 15, most everything else being around level 8. Money is pretty hard to attain as well, I have racked up a million eddies after around 120 hours of straight grind. I got the extra money hacking perk and jacked into everything around.


1. I can't buy the best snazzy things because the economy in night city is rough. I would think I'd have legendary everything and I've been extremely frugal only buying legendary best in tier slot stuff I want to use end game. I'm broke, I've resulted to picking up everything and selling it every chance I have.

2. Street Cred was quite easy, why not make it go to 100? It could be as simple as make every level above 50 street cred increase money gains 1%.

3. Experience level cap. Is it necessary like? It could always just go infinitely scaled. Make it 60? At least show me fake ghost unused experience gain. Add extra skill XP then? Make it so only on very hard difficulty you gain experience after 50? Something.

4. Skill XP is pretty bad. My take on it is unless you make a character that uses only one weapon type and stick with it your doomed to never max your skills. I have tried to be well rounded, and its just more fun to use every type of gun and switch it out. I can't just go street brawler all game long and not get bored of it.


Losing the feeling of growth and progression just sucks (Level and Experience capped). Money and skill XP is all I have left. For what it takes to earn money there's not much worthy of spending it on. By the time it takes to make 100,000, unlock, and find legendary mantis blades, you could have crafted something better. For what it takes to buy a car, Jackie's bike and stealing random cars is just as good. Which makes money pretty pointless. Onto Skill XP, the problem with skill XP is you only need attribute and perk points to use the best perks from the tree. From level 1-15 for every skill its like only 4 of the skill levels actually do something slightly impactful. I've yet to get near level 20 and that perk or even dream of over leveling it.


Aforementioned is the skill perk/attribute system as it works, I cannot be coolest and a hacker and a ninja and be engineering. Attributes cap skill levels. Attributes capped by level. Why is the game forcing me to split and specialize? if it makes the game to easy, add harder and harder foes, or rebalance perks. As is, you could max one tree 20 and split the others or max two trees and split the points among the other three. So I have to replay the whole game to experience different maxed play styles? I have no problem with the concept and design of the attribute/skills/perks systems. They function and work nicely, the games rules are the rules. I like that the rules make sense, seem realistic, but the caps are unfun. I have no problem playing with the bugs, the systems just need to be rebalanced, and uncapped. I don't care if the developers do some lazy fix and give us free attributes for mission chains or something. I just want to play with meaningful impactful progression. I can only speak for myself, but losing achievement, the growth, and progress to be made takes away the fun. In my opinion its why everyone enjoys games, besides time killing, learning, story, etc. No complaints on the story. If I had done everything in the game and then hit max level, or shortly after, or a long time after, there would be no complaint. Now I feel that I am forced, otherwise too invested, and I must put the game down and wait, or play even awhile its less fun to me.

-This is my testimonial to community and developers of my experience to draw from, inspire thoughts, disagree with or agree with, in hopes of the best results of the game in the future

(im only on act 2, I don't know how many acts there are, but I'm not following up on this, I'm too busy playing)
IKR i really expected to get in taxis and have them drive me to destinations.

The game genuinely needs an immersion pass that would at least add service vehicles like this to traffic. Taxis, buses, city-owned vehicles like ambulances (rare, since healthcare access is at a premium in the lore) and fire trucks, and more vehicle types in general. What's there is awesome, but it doesn't paint the picture of a living, breathing city.
Hi community!

I have a point that is annoys me a lot!

It affects the music settings in the game and how they work!

I don´t want to listen the "infight music", but i want to listen the "world music".
Like from the Radio in the car, or music from musicians in the street,
you guys know what mean. (It's is my personal preference)

So i always have to go to the menu before a fight /mission
to take the slider to zero and after the fight/mission back to my wanted volume.

It would be awesome if there are two different slides!
One for "inflight music" and the other for "world music"

I don't think that should be such a big effort to integrate it into the game!

Thanks for listening

Have nice day, guys!
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