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Tavern skin for Gwent

I would like to have Tavern board skin CDPR, tavern skin with 2D leaders so that it feels like game is played in tavern and not on battlefield. If you can't give us old Gwent back, then at least give us that tavern game feeling that we used to had.
Making a simple tavern skin should not be too hard, thanks in advance.
It's an interesting idea. I recall that a number of players suggested this tavern aesthetic after the Midwinter Update during the Open Beta.
When homecoming come out,many players were vary vocal that it does not looks like tavern game anymore and its one of the things that was killing those people will to play. I know that we reached point of no return and we can't have old mechanics back but at least we could get that tavern feeling that we loved.
I know that CDPR wants to earn money on 3d leader skins but those that don't like 3D leaders not going to buy them anyway, why would i buy skin for something that i don't like?
Its just a board skin,an option that would change of how games feels for many of us on lot better.
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I would really love to see a skin where I do not need to wait until opponents leader sit down so I can play my turn... Aesthetics are wonderful, but this is quite overkill...