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Texture Problem with ModKit

Hello everyone, I need your help, when i exported the diferent files (meshes, xbm, tga) the program does not export tga, png, ... files

If you have a solution, I'm interested, I already try with Modkit (WCC console command) and ModKitchen.

I put the 2 folders (QuickBMS and Modkit) together

I also have this error of exporting files:

[2019.02.10 23:21:27][Warning][WCC] Failed to load contents from file 'C:\Users\Simon\Desktop\TW3\characters\models\common\woman_average\body\model\woman_old__body_a01.xbm'!
[2019.02.10 23:21:28][Error][Exception] Red Engine Crash Log


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are you using the latest version of the modkit? (1.3)
try using W3oven instead of ModKitchen

do not use QuickBMS for textures and meshes