Thank you for celebrating 20 years of CD PROJEKT RED




It's hard to believe that 20 years have passed since CD PROJEKT RED was founded. The last two decades have been filled with many adventures, and we’re so proud to have created video games that players all around the world have enjoyed — not to mention having such a strong, supportive community that has been with us at every step!

We've invited several REDs — from battle-scarred veterans to fresh-faced newcomers — and asked them some questions. This is the result:

Thank you for sharing the road with us!
I've been dreaming of a cyberpunk game since watching Armitage and Metropolis many years ago so my thanks to you guys for making that a reality. Yes there are things to learn and improve on but that's a part of the journey.

Witcher was great as well, I personally might not have connected with it as much because I couldn't see myself in any of the characters in that world. I know that might not be relevant for most ppl but your decision to tell a very diverse story in CP2077 was the right one and for that you have my thanks.
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Made the best medieval fantasy game hands down. And Guerrilla made the best Sci-Fi/Post-Apocalyptic game. I'm quite proud of seeing European companies surpassing the US, they've made some outstanding works
The Witcher III was phenomenal and the DLCs were of incredibly high quality too. Both major DLCs were as in-depth, meaningful and (for me) in many ways more enjoyable than the already superb core game. The depth of characterisation of the likes of Regis and Olgierd von Everec are truly stunning and I regularly cite the latter as one of the best, most complex video game characters ever created. I still can't decide if I love him, despise him, pity him or what.

And yet, somehow, despite the high regard I hold TWIII in, and having had less time to do it, I have played Cyberpunk 2077 for several times longer than I have TWIII. I now have quite a few from-scratch save games with over 1000 hours each in them. CP2077 is a truly amazing game and Night City almost feels like a real city that I know equally as well as some real-life ones. The wait for the DLC is almost painful. ;)

Over many, many years of gaming (I remember queuing, coins in hand, to play "Pong" at my local sports centre), only a handful of games have truly captivated me and completely absorbed me into their world. CDPR has made two of the games on that relatively short list that has taken decades to compile. Thank you for thousands of hours of fun and escapism.
Congrats on the 20 years, REDs, and thank you for delivering some amazing games over those years and trying to push back on anti-consumer practices.

Always good to see how passionate the people at the studio are. Don't take the fan criticism of Cyberpunk too harshly - it comes from a good place (ignoring the purely vitriolic feedback) . As long as you can keep that flame of passion and ambition going while continuing to learn and push the envelope, as you've done in the past, I'm sure you can emerge stronger from the growing pains and deliver many great games in the future.
Thank you CDPR, since that first version of Witcher, always a good story.
Forget about bugs and something else. I know your games are a bit buggy, but I don't care. They always take me to a good place.
I wish I can have more and more and more games from you guys!
Thank you and congratulations!
One word: Art. Ive been with you since i first read an article on The Witcher 1 in some Pc mag - long before release of the actual game. Please dont be discouraged by the release of Cyberpunk - keep making art that speaks to the human soul. And thank you for so many deep experiences. Gaming is taking a lot of heat for shutting down imagination and for making people stupid, but in your games aesthetics truly come to their rights and combined with beatiful and horrifying storytelling, it comes together in works, that rivals that of great litterature.
Happy 20th !! I just want to add to the whole strong community: Cyberpunk 2077 was and Is incredible! It sucks that so many from the studio look at the game launch as a failure because you've a loyal community of hardcore fans that rose from that!

I cannot wait for the future of CDProjektRed and here's to 20 more!

"Give yourself time. Ideas'll come. Life'll shake you, roll you, maybe embrace you. The music'll find you."
Thanks for sharing!

I know I had fun playing CyberPunk 2077 and I've been taking my time with the Witcher Series too! Thank you so much for all you've done and I'm glad to hear such human things from everyone! It keeps me going to one day become a Game Designer! Thank you again!!!!
Thank you for all the good times! I was just replaying The Witcher Series for the god knows which time and I still enjoy it. I also enjoyed Cyberpunk 2077, although I wish I had more choice for the ending but it is still an awesome game. I wish you many great years to come and mane No. 1 games in your portfolio!
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