Thank you!

Thank you! :ok:

I love the originality (design of whole worlds) you put into your games!
I have played Witcher 3 and CP77 and both of them have unique styles which make them clearly distinguishable and recognizable!
Your games are truly a state of art!

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Yes thank you for providing a very immersive game.
I am an old gamer so recognise a lot of elements in this game that have been researched from older cyberpunk type games, games that I enjoyed but thought needed more.
CP2077 is so much more than I would have asked for.

It has some genius moments too, without spoilering, a wow moment for me was romancing Panam, and the tank scene. The idea of jacking into .. well you know the rest, I so wish that was real :).
And BD's used as an investigative tool,
Uploading hack attacks via cameras ..
Wonderful imaginitive creation, you guys really got your heads into the design of this game, making it appealing to young and old alike. :cool:

Looking forward to Orion (if necessary I will actually buy a new machine for that game), but CP2077 will keep me happy until then.
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Welcome to Night City!
Current population: over 25 million

Arasaka stands no chance.
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President Myers needs help in Dogtown?
Not to worry, 3 million Vs are coming to the rescue!
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Thank you all for your support!

The market is telling (and has been telling) you fine folks at CDPR just how much we love and appreciate your excellent work and the dedication you've demonstrated to the community. I'm super happy about it and hope it only continues. Cyberpunk 2077 (and PL) is one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time and has set an incredibly high bar for storytelling, technological excellence, and so much more that the fickle gamers out there that are clearly a loud minority, as evidenced by the sales figures, are blind to. Keep up the amazing work and I'll buy everything you make! Haha...
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