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The Damien Monnier appreciation thread

The Damien Monnier appreciation thread

I just watched the gametrailers interview with Damien Monnier along with other interviews with the guy. He seems like the most chillest guy out there. Really passionate and honest. He is not just some dull, bland corporate drone the big publishers like to send to events to promote their games. The man is witty, funny and genuinely passionate about what he and his team do over at CDPR.

Hey Damien, if you ever read this, just wanted to say, kudos man! You are a cool dude!
Damien is great, always like the video's or presentations he's in.

Dammit, even the duck has a wolf medallion...
Damien is great. Definitely one of my favorite developers. :)

Not like I'm biased or anything:
I wondered what that duck was doing there, when I saw it! As to Damien Monnier, as I've remarked before, he seems a very personable sort of chap, the type you'd like to have as a friend. That, and I like his accent -- very nice balance of French and English tones.
Dude is wasting himself in game development, he should be doing stand-up comedy! Shit, I would pay to see it.

This presentation had a chance to be just your average info dump, but it became soooo much more with Damien's charm and humor. I've watched it more than twice just for him. Man, sure loves his kittens.