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The Forlorn Hope: Cyberpunk Off-Topic



The first link is fair enough and I stand corrected. Given nature of business when it comes to moba games, it's not terribly surprising... Even though they say that cosplayers aren't priority. The third link is a guide for cosplayers, basically character sheet. Even CDPR had those for Witcher 3. The second one looks like a photobook with the most impressive cosplays. Last two don't prove that Blizzard or CDPR consider cosplayers as vital element to designing a character. At least based on the links you gave.
I didn't state you were definitely wrong, just possibly ;)
As is most often the case, it's not about right or wrong. Fact is, unique, distinctive character designs are not crucial to a game's success, but they can be crucial to an individual game's distinctive style. If and only if a game is attempting to intentionally make unique character silhouettes stand out (and not, for example, intentionally trying to make them very hard distinguish from each other, in games like ArmA, for example.)

The cosplay thing is sort of a chicken-and-egg argument. People were dressing up like their favorite characters long before video games were a thing. Did gamers help to bring cosplay to the forefront of pop culture? Sure! But it wasn't the only contributing factor. Vice versa, does a game intentionally build its character design to encourage cosplay? It may! But it doesn't mean that was even a consideration for other games. (Kind of like trying to figure out where fashion comes from. Was it because of function or form? It could be one or the other, both, or neither.)